1, 2 BLAME! – Find the clues and unmask the killer!

1, 2 BLAME! is murder-mystery social deduction game with clue-hunting and items to pick up. Violeta from Noxfall Studios tells us about it.

On New Year’s Eve 2020 our team gathered to celebrate the end of 2020. Chatting, we came up with the idea of ​​creating a social deduction game but going one step further. We wanted to reinvent ourselves and add new mechanics that would make it really special and unique. 1, 2 BLAME! is an online multiplayer game where Agents unmask the Killer.

1 2 Blame Key art

If your role is Agent, you must patrol an old mansion and find all the clues that the enemy has laid out. Try to find out who the Killer may be!

If, on the other hand you are the Killer (or Accomplice), use all your tricks to deceive other players and take charge of the situation! Finish off the Agents before they catch you, otherwise you will meet a sticky end!

Gain additional abilities through items

On your way through the Mansion, you will find very useful items such as the Bulletproof vest, the Master key or the First aid kit (who knows what may happen if you use it over a dead body). Equip these items to acquire additional abilities and gain an additional edge.

Create a unique character

1 2 Blame! screenshot

Character customization is one of the strongest features in 1, 2 BLAME! We really wanted to explore this field and create a great amount of items you could wear. From a large variety of hairstyles (which, in our opinion, is one of the top attributes that give personality to any character) to really cool pets like the humming bee.

You can also press “Random”… and laugh (or cry) depending on the result!

Challenge accepted

1 2 Blame! screenshot

“When we started to develop 1, 2 BLAME! we wanted to add great mechanical diversity so that the game experience became incredibly satisfactory. For example, being able to equip yourself with items unlocks special abilities. This way, your role as a character can change completely. We were well aware of the audience’s wishes, so we got down to work and made it happen.”

Adrián Pérez, Game Director at Noxfall Studios

So, are you in?

Find the clues, equip and use items to acquire additional abilities, debate who’s the impostor and solve the mystery!

1, 2 BLAME! was released on May 2021 and is available on Steam, Google Play and App Store. The game is cross-platform between computer and mobile devices.

Check out the official website here, and find us on Twitter @12BLAME_Game and Instagram @12blame.

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This Article was written by: VioletaNoxfall

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