Secretly take over the world when Agenda launches in September

Exordium Games has announced a stealthy strategy/simulation game titled Agenda. This one should satisfy all your world domination needs.

With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided having released yesterday, lots of players are no doubt busy uncovering conspiracies and taking down shadowy organisations trying to take over the world. But what if you got to play one of these shadowy organisations yourself? Agenda lets you do exactly that, by taking over the world using clandestine tactics.

In Agenda, your organisation executes a variety of nefarious operations, such as assassinations or bribery. There’s risks involved, however, because no self-respecting world domination plan can be without risks. You’ll also be dealing with ongoing global events, such as wars and rebellions. Your influence, however, will carry you through as you find your creepy, possibly very Illuminati-esque hands reaching into political parties, scientific institutions and of course, the media.

Agenda - Upgrades

As you gather influence across the world, you get to upgrade your abilities. Over time, you can also unlock five different kinds of “super weapons”, which will allow you such tricks as running multiple operations at the same time. Keeping a lid on it is crucial, of course. For an organisation such as yours, exposure is anathema and will cause you to lose the game.

Agenda is developed by Zagreb-based developers Exordium Games, who very recently released a pun-filled episodic game called Bear With Me. We covered it pretty recently, and it’s surprising the devs have another game nearly ready to go. This one is decidedly a lot lighter in the pun department, as well as the bear department. (Unless… could it be… that the secret organisation is run by… bears?)

Agenda will be available on Steam for $9.99 on 21st September, 2016. It can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux computational devices, and is probably recruiting tool for the Illuminati.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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