Aragami: love at first sight

Aragami is the kind of game you fall in love with before it has even been released. It is a beautiful third person stealth game where you play as an undead assassin (Aragami). You have numerous mystical powers which include teleporting into any shadow, becoming invisible and summoning a shadow dragon.


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The game offers a distinct cell-shaded aesthetic, which reminds me of games such as Okami. The soundtrack is produced by Two Feathers, a team of two who also created the main theme for Hammerwatch, another excellent game. But don’t take my word for it – check out the beautiful visuals and soundtrack in Aragami’s latest gameplay trailer.

Aragami – Announcement Trailer

Aside from touting beautiful visuals and music, the game also looks to present challenging gameplay. Studio Director at Lince Works, David Leon, claims that recent “stealth” games do not pose a real challenge. Therefore when playing as Aragami you are either always outmatched or outnumbered. In these difficult situations the only weapons you possess include your sword, cunning and use of darkness.

However, the game’s commitment to stealth does not mean there aren’t multiple ways to approach a given situation. A player can supposedly go through all the large open levels without killing a single enemy. Conversely, the player can also go on a rampage and kill everyone. Moreover, the game also allows cross-platform multiplayer so you can play through the entire game alongside your friend.

The narrative of the game begins with you being brought to life by a mysterious girl called Yamiko. You are then tasked to retrieve her from the fortress of Kyuryu and, in doing so, uncover secrets of your own past. The world is set in mystical Japan and is a re-imagination of classic ninja tales and the eternal battle between light and darkness.

The game sneaks onto Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux on October 4th.

If you love the music as much as I did, the soundtrack will come out on Steam as well.

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