Battlecruisers: a strange 2D RTS from New Zealand

Kicking off in 22nd century “Even Newer Zealand”, players are challenged to create the ultimate “peace-enforcement” cruiser and circumnavigate a flooded Earth, battling their enemies for the last remaining scraps of land in Battlecruisers.

This hand-drawn RTS game by designer and developer duo, Pete Casale and Felix Mann, is loaded with quirky Kiwi humor and culminates in ridiculous ultra-weapons for super-satisfying mass destruction.

“Is it possible to create something as simple as a casual mobile strategy game, but as awesome as an AAA monster title for PC? The answer to this question is the same answer we gave to our lawyers when they asked us how we intended to pay for their services: yes. Followed by a quick sprint to the door.” – Pete Casale

  • Build your ultimate battle machine as you enter the world of strategic nautical warfare.
  • Air raids, naval assault, artillery, rockets, or an orbital sat-cannon, there honestly isn’t enough space to list all the ways you can send your enemy to the ocean floor.
  • Scheme against a series of cunning AI enemies that make every battle unique.
  • Destroy enemy structures with long range weapons that give rise to glorious pyrotechnics.
  • Raid your opponent with terrifying swarms of fighters, bombers and gunships.
  • Construct tactical towers to turn the tide of the greatest war since WW3.
  • Assault enemy battlecruisers with ultra-weapons that create stunning procedural explosions.
  • Counter your enemy’s attack and spring brutal devastation to sunset skies.
  • Bombard your opponent across the oceans to addictive music that rises with the action.

Battlecruisers is a 2D side-scrolling strategy game with beautiful graphics and compulsive gameplay. Like Worms but with tactical depth and no timing-centric skillshots. Like Supreme Commander but without the overwhelming complexity.

Battlecruisers is a game you can play for five minutes and be satisfied, or strategize for hours against the devious AI at varying skill levels. It’s complete in its current form, while remaining open to cater for thousands of new, imaginative and exciting units, features and adversaries.


Redditors are psyched about the free 7-level demo now live on Steam. The full version is out on Steam, iOS and Android in early 2021, with many new levels and weapons. Check out the official Battlecruisers website and download the demo on Steam.

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