Celeste has recorded its highest sales on Switch, according to developer

In glowing news for developers considering Switch ports for their games, Celeste’s developer has announced that the game sold the most copies on the Switch.

The challenging action-platformer Celeste released late last month, and it’s won plenty of hearts and minds by the looks of its review scores. On the sales front, it has been revealed by the game’s developer Matt Thorson that the game sold the best on the Switch. For reference, the game also launched on computers (PC, Mac, Linux), PS4 and Xbox One. According to an interview with Destructoid, Thorson says that the Switch version selling best was well within his expectations.

This result falls well in line with what a lot of indie developers have revealed regarding multi-platform sales. Simply put, the Switch has become the premiere destination for indie multi-platform releases. It’s safe to say that any developer looking to maximise reach cannot afford to ignore Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Celeste comes from the developer of TowerFall and follows the adventures of the protagonist Madeline as she climbs the Celeste Mountain. Along the way, she has to deal with her inner demons by jumping and air-dashing a whole lot. It’s heavy on narrative and despite its challenging reputation, it is surprisingly accessible and offers very flexible difficulty options.

Critics have been very happy with the game, with the title being described as a ‘masterpiece’ by multiple major publications. The game holds a solid 91 rating on OpenCritic, putting it in the company of Monster Hunter: World and making it one of the best-reviewed titles of the year so far.

Have a look at the launch trailer below:

Check out Celeste’s official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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