Darkwood emerges from 3 years of Early Access in August; new trailer up

The spooky top-down survival horror game Darkwood is closing in on its launch day. Here’s a NSFW live-action trailer to tell you when it’s going to release.

Darkwood is coming out on 17th August, developer Acid Wizard Studio has announced. The release comes more than three years after the game entered Early Access on Steam, way back on 24th July 2014. The game is just about done, but will still see another beta update prior to release, for those of you who own the game already.

Here’s a live-action trailer that sets the mood and drops the date, although depending on where you work, it might not be safe for work.

While most survival horror games prefer a first-person view, Darkwood uses a courageous top-down perspective. The gameplay is divided into day and night cycles: by day, you scavenge for supplies, craft weapons and explore the woods; by night, you hunker down in your hideout, lay out your traps and hope the creepy things that lurk in the dark don’t make you their dinner, either by defending or hiding.

The game’s word is procedurally generated, allowing for both replayability and unpredictability. Apart from these roguelike elements, there’s also some role-playing elements, such as skills that are acquired by injecting ‘essence’ of the local wildlife into your bloodstream. There’s also NPCs that you can converse with, and decisions for you to make. Given that this is a survival horror world, though, it’s unlikely you’ll be asked to slay ten chickens to get a pouch of gold. Oh no, it’s probably going to be much more sinister than that.

Darkwood is being made by Polish developer Acid Wizard Studio, and will be released for PC, Mac and Linux via Steam.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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