17 reasons why playing video games are good for your kids

This flies in the face of modern parenting thinking, but apparently games playing IS a good thing for your kids.

In a report on Maternity Glow, a website aimed at new and expectant mums, they have listed 17 reasons why parents should let their kids play video games. Rather than, as some have suggested, banning all forms of electronic games playing as it only creates mindless, zombie-like children. With a vast majority of parents admitting to their kids playing games on their consoles or mobile devices at least once a week (including me, of course, as it would be a bit hypocritical if I didn’t), the report tries to allay some fears about letting them do so. They instead state, and is something that I firmly believe, that it’s critical for parents to understand all the physical, cognitive, and social benefits that go along with kids and gaming.

Of course, as with everything, there needs to be a degree of common sense involved with this. Games where the parents interact with their children are best (Rocket League is a personal favourite), and you should always steer clear of little Timothy going crazy in GTA V, but most parents are good enough to realise that. And also to combine it with trips out, football in the park, bike riding and boring them with trips to the museum.

You can read the full report here: www.maternityglow.com/video-game-benefits-kids

This Article was written by: Lee Smith

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