5 new Early Access indie games to play in June 2020

Our round-up of the most interesting Early Access games released in May 2020 includes Space Haven, Quantum League, Titan Chaser, and more.

Early Access games from May 2020 involve a lot of tactical decision-making, but the contexts couldn’t be more different if you tried. You could be managing mood and food in space with Space Haven, fighting alongside past versions of yourself in Quantum League, exploring post-apocalyptic Soviet Russia in Atom RPG: Trudograd, managing a medieval realm in Rising Lords or, if none of that decision-making is of interest to you, you can just drive down a foggy path at night in Titan Chaser.

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Titan Chaser

Titan Chaser screenshot

Titan Chaser is all about driving in a gloomy fog with a regular car and… towering titans that might be roaming the countryside. Still, Shadow of the Colossus this ain’t. You’ll have to use your lights to drive away the titans without fighting or killing them, and the best part is: even your work is optional. If you prefer it, you can just drive and relax in the night.

Titan Chaser developer Stas Shostak expects the game to be in Early Access for 2-6 months. Drive over to find it here on Steam.

Rising Lords

Rising Lords screenshot

Rising Lords is a medieval-themed strategy game that’s played in turns. It’s got a charmingly fitting medieval aesthetic to it, and it takes elements from board and card games to have you balance every aspect of your realm. You’ll manage resources, send your serfs into battle, conduct diplomacy, manage taxation and rations, and so on. Apart from a singleplayer campaign, the game also features multiplayer gameplay, so you can duke it out with other players. Or lord over them. You get it.

Developer Argonwood expects the game to stay in Early Access for about a year or so. It maintains dominion on its Steam page here.

Quantum League

Quantum League screenshot

Quantum League is a competitive first-person shooter with 1v1 and 2v2 match-ups. The twist is that the game revolves around time paradoxes, so you’ll be fighting alongside your own past and future selves. The game features a range of characters to pick from, as well as variety in weapons and game modes. Who’d have thought that your greatest teammate would be… yourself?

Quantum League is expected to stay in Early Access for a minimum of six months. Help yourself to check it out at its Steam page.

Space Haven

Space Haven screenshot

Space Haven is a spaceship colony sim in which you take a band of civilians up into the great beyond. You get to construct your spaceship tile by tile, and you have to manage not only the living conditions (think water, oxygen, gases, etc.) but also the moods and needs of your crew. You might also encounter other space-farers, and not all of them will be friendly, so you may have to send your precious civvies out to fight as well.

Space Haven is estimated to stay in Early Access for 1-2 years, but the developers stress that quality comes first. Launch yourself onto the Steam page here.

Atom RPG: Trudograd

Trudograd screenshot Early Access

If you have a hankering for the old Fallout and Wasteland titles, then one of the upcoming successors to the throne is ATOM RPG: Trudograd, which continues the story of Atom RPG and takes you to a post-apocalyptic version of the Soviet Union. It features classic computer role-playing, as well as turn-based combat and quests with multiple solutions.

Atom RPG: Trudograd is expected to stay in Early Access for six months. Explore its Steam page here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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