Best Co-op Indie Games of 2023

What are the best co-op indie games of 2023? Find out here, including This Means Warp, Demonologist, Barotrauma, and more!

Got a buddy? Grab a buddy! Our list of the best co-op indie games of 2023 will direct you to the best experiences from this year that you can play with a friend, without being at each others’ throats.

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We pick games across all consoles, be they available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch. While our current picks are available on PC only, keep checking back regularly here to find new entries among the best co-op indie games of 2023!

If there’s a co-op game that you think deserves to make the cut on this list, let us know pronto!

Sun Haven

Platforms: PC (Coming soon to Nintendo Switch)

Best Indie Co-op Games of 2023

Sun Haven is a farming sim and fantasy RPG, in which you and up to 8 friends can share in building a farm.

Apart from the farm itself, you can extensively customize your character, making you stand out amongst your friends. You’ll farm, fish, bake, craft, and also explore the world and fight monsters. If you’re looking for a Stardew Valley-like with more of a fantasy flair, that you can play with friends, Sun Haven will fit the bill.


Platforms: PC (Early Access)

Best Indie Co-op Games of 2023

Demonologist is a horror game you can play in 1-4 player co-op, where you and your team explore cursed and haunted areas to find evil spirits, and then exorcise them with your… demonology equipment.

Every run of Demonologist features randomised events and spirits, so you never know what’s going to happen ahead. A particularly unique feature here is that you must also watch your words, as using certain words can affect the environment as well.

Roots of Pacha

Platforms: PC

Best Indie Co-op Games of 2023

Roots of Pacha takes you all the way back to the stone age and has you and your friends explore a vibrant world and enrich your village.

You can domesticate crops, make discoveries, and grow closer to your fellow villagers, all with your friends on board. When playing with friends, you can live together, ride animals together, and have fun at festivals, amongst other activities.


Platforms: PC

Best Indie Co-op Games of 2023

If you’ve got a sinking feeling, then Barotrauma is going to help make it worse, because this one’s a co-op submarine simulator where you and friends man a submarine in the spooky depths of Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Barotrauma lets you play with 16 players on one submarine, and you will have to decide if it’s better to work with the crew or against them, all in the pursuit of survival against the horrors that lurk in the deep.

This Means Warp

Platforms: PC

Best Indie Co-op Games of 2023

This Means Warp is a spaceship management and survival game for 1-4 players, where you’ll have to work with your friends to survive in a dangerous, procedurally-generated galaxy with deadly foes.

Being a roguelite game, This Means Warp is all about unique and unpredictable experiences in each run. Nevertheless, chaos will be a constant as you struggle to fight enemies while keeping your ship together… all while working with your friends.

Patch Quest

Platforms: PC

Best Indie Co-op Games of 2023

Patch Quest is a roguelite action game that takes you to Patchlantis, a legendary labyrinth where you’ll find that you can capture and tame any monster you see. Your captured monsters will also open up new opportunities for you, both in exploration and combat.

Don’t be fooled, though – Patch Quest also happens to be a brutal bullet hell challenge, where the only way to get good is to keep exploring Patchlantis.

Patch Quest can be played either solo or in local co-op with one friend.

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