3 Minutes to Midnight is a LucasArts-style adventure; now on Kickstarter

Quirky humour and puzzle solving will abound in 3 Minutes to Midnight, a classic-style adventure game set at the end of the 1940s.

Classic LucasArts-style adventure games may have fallen out of favour for the bigger studios, but indies remain committed to bringing back the wacky humour and weird puzzle-solving of the oldies. 3 Minutes to Midnight is an upcoming title from Barcelona, Spain-based Scarecrow Studio that’s currently seeking funds for similar, old-school hijinks.

3 Minutes to Midnight is set in the late 1940s, and involves a teenage girl waking up after a nocturnal explosion to find her memories gone. As she explores the town she finds herself in, she must uncover a mystery with the help of a diplomatic mayor.

An interesting twist on the whole adventure game idea is that your choices in the game will have an effect on how the story plays out, and the game also promises multiple endings.

Have a look at the newly-released gameplay trailer below. Note that while it does not feature voice acting, the finished version of the game will indeed have English-language voice acting.


3 Minutes to Midnight is currently slated for release in June 2020. PC is the only definitely-confirmed platform at the moment, with Mac and Linux ports looking likely, and a promise to get the game onto PS4, Xbox One, and Switch after the PC release.

In order to actually get there, Scarecrow Studio will need €50,000. So far, the Kickstarter campaign for the game has amassed over €20,000. There’s 27 days left for the campaign to end, so it looks likely that we’ll be solving strange and humorous mysteries in a New Mexico town next year.

And if not, well, there’s always Iron Maiden to listen to in the meantime.

For more information on 3 Minutes to Midnight, have a look at its official website here. You’ll find the game’s Kickstarter campaign over here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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