Bunhouse – a cute couch co-op game now on Kickstarter

Bunhouse is a cute, bunny-filled game about growing plants and managing a greenhouse with fellow buns. It has a Kickstarter live right now.

Drawing from the relaxing gameplay of Animal Crossing, Bunhouse has nothing to kill and no one to be better than, just some plants that need watering and a greenhouse full of possibility. Take care of your leafy plant buddies by balancing the amount of water and light they get, while saving up enough carrots to make your greenhouse look nice and spiffy. Bunhouse allows local play for up to four buns, err… players.

From Humble Beginnings

At the start of Bunhouse, you (and your closest friends) have finally saved up enough carrots to buy your own greenhouse. What starts as a small dirt patch with some glassy walls slowly evolves into a beautiful, flourishing plant paradise. Although all plants start as seeds, the many different real-life species of plants in Bunhouse each have different requirements for sunlight and water. Using your trusty watering can, your bunny must balance both in order to allow the plant to thrive and upgrade to its maximum stage.

As your plant gets bigger, you can sell it for carrots which you can use to buy – you guessed it – more plants! Of course, the greenhouse has a great deal which can be upgraded as well. Perhaps you can use your carrots to buy an arbor, some new pots, better furniture, or even a koi pond! If you ever get sick of your greenhouse paint job, don’t fear; that can be changed too.

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Cuteness Overload

Of course many gamers know that friends can amplify the fun. Bunhouse allows for four times the cuteness via local multiplayer. Using a shared camera system, you and up to three closest friends will be able to work together to keep tabs on your plants. Forget about one for too long and it’s soil might dry up! That wouldn’t be good for anybody.

Bunhouse is currently only targeting Steam and PC users for a September 2021 release. However, the developer of Bunhouse has also expressed interest in porting the game to the Nintendo Switch, provided there is enough response to the Kickstarter that it would justify the time and resources it would take to port it.

About the Developer

Patrick Gauthier is the sole developer of Reky Studios, the face behind Bunhouse. He originally started programming Bunhouse as a gift to his wife who happens to love both bunnies and her many, many plants. As development progressed, Patrick realized he wanted to share the leafy love with more people and, as such, is launching the Bunhouse Kickstarter.

Reky Studios currently has one published title, “You’re Not Special,” a choices-matter puzzle-based RPG where you follow in the shadow of a hero. Reky Studios has been developing part time since 2018.

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Interested in Supporting Bunhouse on Kickstarter?

If you could see yourself enjoying a relaxing greenhouse world filled with bunnies, consider backing the Kickstarter. Alternatively, think about wishlisting the game on steam or following the developer’s progress on twitter. For solo developers like Reky Studios, one of the absolute best things you can do is share their work with the world to provide exposure for their hard work.

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