Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats now on Kickstarter

In Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats, imagine a world that’s basically the early Nineteenth Century Britain but inhabited by fantastic beings. Figure them while they drink oolong in their polished clothes, talking about ephemera, or reading haikus. Visualize workers coming home to work, tired and ready to chug down a pint or two… or many.

Now imagine them getting at the end of the week (which is Friday night, everyone knows it), wearing bizarre armours, grabbing their extravagant weapons and face themselves in the Arena, in a brutal but gallant sport called the Brawl.

Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats

Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats plunges the User in the shoes of a Brawler Master, manager of Teams, conqueror of lands, architect of schemes. The success in the Arena will be only a means to gather new resources to expand your possibilities ingame, advancing towards a more complex and articulate game. So managing your Team efficiently and winning one match after the other will be the way to achieve new gold, fame and supporters.

Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats - Game


Supporters is one of the key elements of the game, since you can use them to them to get hold of new units: you can opt for a Ritual and create a powerful brawler, or you can turn them into miners to gather the resources to create new equipment, or again you can turn them into squatters, the battering ram of your political ascension, that will grant you power over gradually bigger portions of land.


The core idea is that of a game that blends the classic sport management games and strategic games, with a specific attention to the setting and its esthetics and a strong focus on the gameplay experience. An experience whose every aspect has been thought, designed and developed in order to cause the least amount of stress on the user.

Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats - Game play


Too many online games suffers problems related to time management: there are deadlines that are too tight, along with the need of always being online to promptly respond to an opponent’s move. When you need to put an alarm at 3 AM, that’s when a game is poorly designed, and that’s what Ork Manager managed to avoid.


A crowdfunding campaign for Ork Manager is currently live on Kickstarter.If managing and brawling and scheming and exploring and experiencing this surreal new world is your cup of tea (pun intended), then Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats is the game you’re looking for.

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