Ticket To Heaven

Ticket To Heaven – Fight to heaven or stay in hell. Kickstarter campaign launches July 30

Ticket To Heaven

Unique art-style, familiar elements borrowed from other popular multiplayer games but been put in a purely exciting experience are the words by which we define our latest game. Ticket to Heaven is the game that we are talking about, a title in which we try to make feel the real craze of the battlefield. Ticket to Heaven is a 5v5 online action game in which we have planned all the guns, weapons, heroes, maps, and modes to make the experience as exciting as possible.

Ticket To Heaven - Game Art

Why Ticket To Heaven?

Why we name it Ticket to Heaven? Because this is the title of the annual tournament that makes mighty champions strangle each other’s throats in the game’s world! Why champions apply for this? Because they want the Ticket to Heaven! They want to live in a dream, a utopian life that one can only find in heaven.


Even though Ticket to Heaven is a multiplayer game that we are planning to launch on PCMACLINUX, this did not stop us from creating the world and the lore that we love. Ticket to Heaven tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world that is struggling to stay on its feet among the ashes of its death. You choose your favorite hero, enter the tournament and try to win it, because you have no other way to live free and happily in the world. Each hero has its special abilities and moves and belongs to one of these classes: Attacker, Supporter, and Defender. After the game’s launch, we are planning to add more than 20 heroes. Also, all of the heroes will be both upgradable and customizable.

Ticket To Heaven - Cooper

How To Win

If you want to win the Ticket to Heaven, except being vicious and being a skilled killer, you also have to be strategic. At the beginning of each match, weapons and supplies will be dropped on the ground, and you would have to be fast, grab what you need, and do not get killed. Since we, at Handmade Interactive, are all old school gamers and in love with video games, we know that people who play games need variety and lots of customizations. So, as the game heroes have all kinds of different skins and items, levels, guns, melee weapons and everything else will have a lot of variations.

Crowdfunding Campaign

We will start crowdfunding Ticket to Heaven on July 30 on Kickstarter and we do need your support. If you give us your support, we will not give anything back unless it is something great to give back to you. And we have planned a lot of great things for you:

  • Backer exclusive heroes
  • The wardrobe of our charismatic villain The friend
  • Exclusive skins for your guns and weapons
  • Special hero effects to make your hero shine in the battlefield
  • An exclusive wallpaper with a particular badge designed and delivered only to our backers

Ticket To Heaven - Character Art

What’s Coming Next

In addition to the aforementioned give backing stuff we have planned for all the backers, we have set several milestones for developing Ticket to Heaven and it’s more above and beyond. Here goes some of those:

  • More heroes will join the tournament. Heroes from different nationalities and backgrounds.
  • More fan-favorite and creative modes are planned for you such as Free for All, Hardcore Mode, Zombie Survival Mode, Dark Mode up to 100 players, etc.
  • A lot more of maps, levels, and weapons await you. Underground will be added to all of the maps to hide in or shoot from!
  • Backer monthly parties, more story contents, and so on are ready to be worked at.
  • Launching the game for more platforms is also considered: Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Each map will get its exclusive orchestral music, clans, and clan wars that will join the fight, and so on.

Let’s get a Ticket To Heaven

Ticket to Heaven’s Kickstarter campaign launches on July 30. Until then, for more information, for supporting the game and us you can visit our website via this link. See you on the battlefield.

For now, you can check out Ticket To Heaven Pre-launch page and subscribe to it on Kickstarter from this link TICKET TO HEAVEN pre-launch page

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