How to Get Ahead at Monetizing as a Content Creator

Being a content creator can be challenging, but here’s how you can get monetizing your content and game servers with

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Content creators are the fastest-growing type of small business. With about 50 million people considering themselves as content creators, only a handful of them are able to generate real revenue and make a living by monetizing their content.

Most content creators rely on donations, but this is not a stable way to generate income. If you want to make money from playing games with other players, you know how hard it is to monetize access to your game server.

Meet, a revolutionary new platform that makes it easy to monetize anything from photos and videos to game server whitelists and Discord roles.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced content creator, gives you all the tools you need to host and share your digital creations with the world while also allowing you to make money.

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Revolutionary New Content Monetization System

At the core of is its robust yet flexible monetization system — Sponsorship Levels.

To start monetizing content, you simply create a custom Sponsorship Level, set your rates, and tie your uploaded content with that Sponsorship Level.

When someone wants to view your content, they will be prompted to pay the number of tokens you have defined in your Sponsorship Level.

What Types of Content Can You Monetize with understands that your content comes in many different formats, shapes, and sizes. The platform was built to solve the most common content monetizing challenges.

With, you can monetize:

  • Photos, videos, and files
  • Access to game servers
  • Discord roles
  • Live broadcasts and streams
  • Timed one-on-one calls
  • Interactions with fans on social media

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Monetizing Game Servers and Discord Servers

You have complete control over which content is displayed publicly or locked behind a Sponsorship Level. takes care of managing payments and making sure only fans who pay get access to your content.

Everything on is fully automated. You no longer have to worry about manually managing your game server whitelist. will automatically remove non-paying fans from your server, freeing you up to focus on creating an enjoyable gaming experience for your fans. also allows you to lock access to your Discord server behind a payment wall (Sponsorship Level) and collect payments from fans.

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Monetizing Live Broadcasts and Streams

If you’d like to host a video or audio broadcast, you can monetize that too. makes it possible to host live broadcasts directly on the site, including functionality to remove users who don’t play nicely. You can broadcast from your desktop computer, laptop, or phone – just about any devices. is an all-in-one solution for all your live game streaming needs as well. To start streaming with, it’s as easy as 1-2-3: Create a Sponsorship Level, install OBS Studio, and click the Go Live button.

To learn how to set up game streaming with, check out their How to Stream on Glimpse tutorial.

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How Does the Content Monetization System Work? works on a token system. Your followers and fans purchase virtual currency and use it to unlock access to content behind your Sponsorship Levels. Once a Sponsorship Level is paid for, all the tokens are transferred to your account instantaneously.

While your sponsors are enjoying the content they’ve paid for, you can cash in your tokens for real currency whenever you’d like at a set rate of 1 token for $1.

No Fees was designed and built to solve the most common monetizing challenges content creators and gamers face. What sets apart from the competition is that it doesn’t charge you, the creator.

Joining is completely free, and you do not have to pay for uploading and hosting your content on the platform or creating Sponsorship Levels.

Instead, makes its income from a small fee users pay when they purchase tokens. is also notable for being the only platform that doesn’t make you wait for cash withdrawals. You can withdraw $5 or $500, and it’ll reach your bank account in 24 to 48 hours, depending on your payment method.

For US-based creators and gamers, there are no minimum payment thresholds. You have the freedom to set a payment frequency that works best for you. Unlike other platforms, doesn’t force you to wait for weeks or months to get paid for your hard work.

This makes it convenient for content creators who prefer a quick payout. If you’d rather wait for your earnings to accumulate before making a withdrawal, that option is also available to you.

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Start Making Money with

If you’re a content creator struggling to find an all-in-one content monetization solution, is exactly what you need to start making money from your digital creations right away.

Create a account today! Registration is quick and completely free, and you can start setting up Sponsorship Levels immediately. Your followers can also register for free. Simply, share the link to your content on, and invite fans to sponsor you. It’s that easy.

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