How to Make Money Playing Games

Ever wonder how you can make money playing games? Here’s how you can use to monetize your game servers and make money playing.

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Are you a content creator with a private game server for a game like Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, or Rust? If so, you know exactly how hard it is to make money playing games. There’s a lot of ways to monetize game streaming, but lets you easily and seamlessly monetize your game server.

What is game server monetization?

Content creators thrive on community, whether it’s the viewers invested in your streams or the gamers who’re playing with you. With game server monetization, gamers pay you to gain access to your game server and play with you.

In practice however, monetizing your game server can require arduous back-and-forth and micromanagement, as you would have to coordinate with each player constantly.

How to make money from game servers?

Game streaming your server is the most straightforward way to make money from your game servers, of course! This is already possible with streaming hosts like Twitch, but game streaming can only go so far.

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To maximize what you earn, you need a more robust system that can handle viewers who will pay you to join you on your server. is exactly what you need for this. It gives you the flexible features you need to monetize access to your game server, and make money playing games.

How to make money on a game server with

The first thing you need to know about is that it’s a membership platform that makes it easy for gaming content creators like you to make money playing games. Once you’re on, you can monetize your content in the most optimal and flexible way you see fit.

On, you can upload your gaming content (be it videos, screenshots, or anything else), host broadcasts, timed calls and chats with your viewers. You can make money by gating access to this content on various sponsorship levels. You can customize sponsorship levels in detail, so you know your sponsors get their money’s worth. now lets you gate access to your game servers as well. Once you connect your game server to the platform, you can decide which sponsors get access to those servers. This way, your sponsors pay to play with you.

Make money playing games like Rust

At present, supports Minecraft, Conan Exiles, ARK: Survival Evolved, 7 Days to Die, and Rust. Support for more games is in the pipeline!

This means that if you run a Minecraft server, you can use to control who can join your server by whitelisting players who pay. Got an eSports gaming server? has you covered there too.

Here’s how it all works: as the content creator, you get to set up sponsorship levels for your fans. You have complete control over how your sponsorship levels are – what content they offer, what servers they allow access to, how much they cost, and so on.

If you want, you can set up a single level for everyone, or different levels to suit different players, or multiple tiers for players who want to pay more. You, the content creator, know your community best, after all.

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All exchanges on take place through a virtual currency called tokens. Your fans can buy tokens with real life money, and then use these tokens to gain access to your Sponsorship Levels. This way, they pay to access your content or game servers.

You, the content creator, collect these tokens and exchange them for real money. The conversion rate is simple: 1 token gives you $1.

You can learn more about how works over at the FAQ.

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Keep 100% of your earnings with

Now here’s the kicker: doesn’t hold back any money from the content creator. You get to keep 100% of your earnings, and you don’t have to pay any fees for using the platform.

Your fans will pay a very small fee to when purchasing tokens, but once that token reaches you, you get the full $1.

Once your tokens build up, you can withdraw them at any time you wish, with no minimum payout required. If you want a $5 payout, you can withdraw it right away. If you’d rather let it build up, that’s also okay!

Make money playing games like Minecraft


Upon withdrawal, you get paid within 24 hours. This makes it the only platform that doesn’t make content creators wait for months to get their money.

The flow is simple: your fans buy tokens, they spend the tokens on your Sponsorship Level, and while they gain access to your content and server, you get a payout as soon as within 24 hours.

Get started with Glimpse and start earning money as a gamer

It has always been challenging making money on a game server, but with, you can cut out the difficult bits and narrow down on what you do best: creating gaming content.

With its direct support for game servers, you can make money on a game server with zero hassles. You also get to keep everything that you earn, and you don’t pay fees.

So to make money playing games, sign up for an account at here and start earning money from your game server!

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