Indie Game Interview: Bioid from Pagurus

Welcome to the cosmic, transcendental and curious world of Bioid. We caught up with indie devs Pagurus to find out more about this project that leads you into a world of curiosity. 

In Bioid, Owlkin’s Cosmic Library is a curiosity chamber of artefacts and a crossroads of worlds. One has only to open the book, and unknown creatures can break out or drag you into the book-portal. The worlds are shuffled in the Library!

Open tunnels in bioplasma and travel through white labyrinths to meet beings of higher intelligence. Fight the King of Thorns, the devourer of civilizations. Learn the story of two separated prisoners and discover the secrets of a clan of bestial avatars, watchers and collectors.

Could you introduce your studio? 

Pagurus studio is a team of two artists. Bioid is our first project.

Can you tell us about Bioid?

As for the idea of ​​the game, it is simple. We just want to make a game that is fun to play. More dynamic than usual for an adventure game. Plus, the game should tell a story that leaves no one indifferent.

The plot at the start: a little hero-metamorph on the way of the invasion of thorns, absorbing the remnants of civilizations. The story is in the stage of development, it depends on the artistic solution.


What were some of your stylistic choices and inspirations?

Stylistically, this is a confrontation between white and dark, and many shades of gray in between.

The art has a real identity, how important was that to you?

Inspiration and influence?.. Briefly: Kyle Gabler, Miyazaki, Moebius and the authors of Adventure Time.

How did you come up with the concept and can you tell us about the gameplay?

The concept was born from a enormous amount of drawings and sketches on paper. We are experimenting with the gameplay. It will have elements of strategy and a dialog system.


Are you enjoying writing and building this incredible world?

Yes, we are. Although it can be difficult sometimes – you don’t always know what to do when you make a unique project.

How would you like audiences to respond to the game? 

We hope they will find it interesting and fun. After all, we are going to introduce them to this world for the first time.

When is it out and how can people stay updated?

Bioid is an experimental project, so we can’t precisely predict the release date. It will probably come out in the next year. You can follow us on Twitter and find the game on Steam 

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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