Indie Games at Pocket Gamer Connects London January 2020

Pocket Gamer Connects London January 2020 is the biggest B2B and mobile gaming event on the UK calendar. An important part of its incredible offering is its indie gaming zone. We caught up with indie developer Recontact Games to hear why they are attending and what they will be showing off. We’ve also managed to get hold of a code for PG Connects London that gives Into Indie Games readers a chance to get 20% off the entrance fee if they plan to attend the event.

Pocket Gamer Connects London January 2020

The event takes place in central London over two days, the 20th-21st January. Pocket Gamer Connects brings together the entire games industry. The event features a huge number of sessions and tracks all about gaming. Hosting some of the biggest names in the games industry, including: Supercell, CCP Games and Super Evil Megacorp. Pocket Gamer Connects provides a unique opportunity for networking and insight.

The Big Indie Zone 

Alongside the main event is The Big Indie Zone, dedicated to all things Indie. The Big Indie Zone is an exclusive expo area within the conference dedicated to indie developers and their games. It offers developers the chance to pre-book a 2-day demo table (including conference passes, making this an excellent value option) and present their awesome creation to fellow Connects delegates within a conducive setting.

Why attend Pocket Gamer Connects London January 2020?

We caught up with Indie Studio, Recontact Games, Game Producer, Simay Dinc, to find out why she plans to attend and what she’ll be showing off at the event.

Please introduce yourself, your game and your studio?

Recontact Games is an Istanbul & London based brother and sister duo with backgrounds as film directors and producers, which is reflected in our award winning cinematographic mobile game series ‘Recontact’. Recontact Games develops an innovative blend of cinema and mobile gaming with the motto of creating playable arts.

I’m  co-founder of Recontact Games  and game producer of award winning cinematografic mobile games series, RECONTACT. My brother Eray Dinc was a film director, we are passionate gamers since the age of five and very interested in making games. We transformed our indie film studio to game studio in 2015.

The first game of Recontact, Recontact:Istanbul integrated video art in games, was chosen to be the best mobile game of Turkey by Apple in 2015. It launched as the best game in 153 countries in the innovative and creative category. It was also selected Best Game in Los Angeles New Media Festival, jury members of which consist of Oscar, HBO and Marvel on June 9, 2017. 

What got you into making games?

The passion of the Recontact Games, which starts with the motto of Playable Arts, is to build films in videos and cinematic, which are direct game dynamics, not multiple choice storytelling. In this form, we believe that Recontact will make a name for itself in the mobile gaming industry with original content.

Do you consider yourself indie?

Triple A mind set with Indie Soul is perfect combination to make original games with minimum budget.

Pocket Gamer Connects London January 2020 - Recontact

Why are you attending PG Connects London this year?

We’re so excited this year, we are going to launch our new game Recontact:London. ‘Get Ready to be a Cyber Detective’. 

Thanks to passionate works of Recontact team, previously Recontact Istanbul and Recontact Istanbul Eyes of Sky has received international awards, the App Store has selected it as the game of the year, and now we are back with a global project, Recontact London, to the world of mobile games in an ambitious way.

For Recontact London, our team has changed all the game mechanics from the scratch and it includes major changes. As the head of London’s cybercrime team, it prepares to meet gamers with video puzzles and a never-ending story stream. In addition to be a hidden object game with CCTV cameras to find the suspects, it offers five brand new video-based puzzle games using AR technology and it brings a breath of fresh air to the investigation scenes.

The starring actor is Ross Mullan, who plays the character Whitewalker in the world-famous Game of Thrones series, has also made a name for himself in projects such as Doctor Who and Clash of Titans. The Original Music of Recontact:London performed by 60 amazing musicians at one of the best Symphony Orchestra in Moscow. The British Museum was closed by Recontact Team for shooting the key scenes,. It let us create an unique artistic experience for gamers.

Pocket Gamer Connects London January 2020 - Recontact
Pocket Gamer Connects London January 2020 – Recontact

What will you be doing at the show?

We have a panel ‘Mobile Game or Interactive Mobile Cinema. We would like to share our experiences about Recontact:London.

What do you hope to get out of the show?

Looking forward to seeing our colleagues from all around the world. We’re expecting to meet investors and publishers who are looking for something unique.

Why should other indies attend?

Our aim to make people realise that this sector gets enriched by different disciplines and different backgrounds, that indies who especially coming from other industries will find a road map and inspiration at PG Connects.

How can the indie games community support your game/studio?

We’re still learning from each other, we’re not rivals, we empower each other and sharing feedback is the key point. 

You can find out more about Recontact:London on the official website

If you are planning to attend PG Connects London 20th-21st January 2020, use this code Into Indie Games-LDN-20 to get 20% off a developer ticket and you can sign up here

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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