3030 Deathward REDUX: A unique mix of classic adventure and space exploration

3030 Deathward Redux, which is a  unique mixture of old-school adventure games and space combat and trading sims, has launched on Steam.

Combining elements of classics like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Frontier, you can fly around between star systems, take missions, blast pirates to smithereens, but also board stations, talk to diverse characters, use the consoles or just get a drink at the bar. There are quests to solve and derelicts to raid, races to race and bounties to chase!

The game is  open world, with many characters and side-quests, but there is also a main story line of conspiracy and treachery you can follow. The plot: “After a dead body is found by his crew, then his new ship gets impounded by the cops, something is going on… probably related to a missing freighter with a large cargo of gold bars. Now, John Falcon, a freewheeling space pilot, tries to get back on his feet. But where to start?”

Features include

  • Open world space exploration and frantic combat with afterburners blazing
  • Board Stations, visit the bars and talk to an array of space scum
  • Ghostly Derelict Ships to find on your Star-Map, spacewalk into, and salvage valuables
  • Large variety of fun Jobs and Missions, with exciting Side Quests
  • Diverse ships to buy and upgrade for Performance, Defence and Combat
  • Get a fuel-scoop and refuel from the corona of a sun without frying yourself!
  • Find Pirate Stations & begin a life of crime, attack innocent traders, steal cargo from traffic
  • Get a large cargo ship and go Asteroid Mining for metals, or haul Goods between systems
  • Hidden wormhole shortcuts, Comets, Unique Stations and other secrets to find
  • An intriguing Main Plot Line… and much, much more!

Check out the game on Steam now

This Article was written by: Lee Smith

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