5 new Early Access indie games to play in May 2020

Our round-up of Early Access games released in April 2020 includes Lumberjack’s Dynasty, Deadside, Mahou Arms, and more.

April Early Access games are all about harsh places. You’ll be exploring hostile places on foot in Deadside, building a thorny world in Endzone, battling skeletons in wartorn Japan in The Wind and Wilting Blossom, fighting an alien invasion as a pretty magical girl in Mahou Arms, and… well, there’s nothing particularly hostile about Lumberjack’s Dynasty, unless you hate beards.

Endzone – A World Apart

Endzone Early Access screenshot

Endzone is a post-apocalyptic city builder that tasks you with building a society in a future where the nuclear apocalypse has rendered the planet mostly uninhabitable. You’ll grapple with radioactivity, harsh climate conditions, and who knows what other dangers the developers cook up during development.

Although the the dev team Gentlymad Studios are expecting development to take 6 months, they’re leaving the door open for a longer development time.

Find the game on Steam here.


Deadside screenshot

Deadside is a ‘hardcore’ multiplayer shooter that puts you into a realistically-rendered environment set in the aftermath of a dead civilisation. The game features online PvP multiplayer, so you never know if the other players will be friendly or hostile to you. So far so DayZ, but developer Bad Pixel insists that the game’s setting does not ‘imply’ zombies or anomalies of any kind.

Deadside is slated to remain in Early Access for 12 to 18 months, so you won’t see it out until sometime next year, or the year after. Plenty of time to jump in and help guide its development.

You’ll find Deadside on Steam here.

The Wind and Wilting Blossom

The Wind and Wilting Blossom screenshot

The Wind and Wilting Blossom, which we have previously covered in greater depth here on Into Indie Games, is a roguelike set in the Heian period of Japan. It is inspired by FTL – Fast Than Light, and it involves journeying through wartorn Japan to fight an army of yokai. The game features tactical combat as you can see above, and also resource management.

Developer Picklefeet Games expects to be working on The Wind and Wilting Blossom for at least six more months in Early Access, although that naturally depends on how things progress.

Have a stab at The Wind and Wilting Blossom here on Steam.

Mahou Arms

Mahou Arms screenshot Early Access

Mahou Arms is a ‘character action’ game, which puts it in the camp of such titles as Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, and perhaps NieR: Automata. In this thoroughly anime-inspired game, you take control of a magical girl squad and fight off an alien invasion (and look rather pretty while at it). Apart from hectic combat and a deep story, the game promises multiple playable characters and base building. And of course, boss battles.

Mahou Arms is expected to stay in Early Access well into 2022, so you’ll be in it for the long haul.

Jump and slash your way to Steam to find Mahou Arms here.

Lumberjack’s Dynasty

Lumberjack's Dynasty screenshot

Lumberjack’s Dynasty is a life simulation game in which you control a lumberjack who is building up not just a business, but even a dynasty for the times to come. A combination of role-playing, forestry simulation, and life sim elements, all in an open world package, Lumberjack’s Dynasty promises to be an ambitious one.

Developer Toplitz Productions hopes to keep the game in Early Access for six months more, and to release it on consoles alongside its graduation from Early Access.

You can get to chopping the woods over here on Steam.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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