5 new Early Access indie games to play in October 2020

Our round-up of the most interesting Early Access games released in September 2020 includes Phasmophobia, Ultrakill, Cloud Gardens, and more.

We’ve picked out some of the most popular Early Access games from September, and they include a variety of themes, such as medieval life, pirate mulitplayer battle royales, paranormal co-op, chill vegetation growth, and rampant old-school-style ultraviolence.

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Ultrakill screenshot

Ultrakill combines classic FPS aesthetics and gameplay with character action game scoring systems. Devil May Quake? Bayo-doom-etta? Err, well, anyway—it’s fast-paced, hectic, spectacularly bloody, and with variety upon variety of ways to slay your hellish enemies.

Ultrakill is expected to stay in Early Access until the end of 2021. Here it is in Early Access.

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty Early Access screenshot

Medieval Dynasty is all about living life medieval-style, and as such, it blends elements of survival, simulation, RPG, and strategy genres. It’s an ambitious cocktail that serves to let you experience the life of a medieval villager, letting you do everything from hunting and farming to constructing houses, taking care of family and community, and even expanding a village and trading in goods.

Medieval Dynasty will be in Early Access for at least the next six months, with no firm release date at present. Find it here.


Phasmophobia Early Access screenshot

Phasmophobia has become something of a sensation lately, and it’s perfect for the spooky days left of October. It’s a 4-player co-op horror game in which your team must record evidence of a haunting. You can support your team from CCTV cameras in a truck, or you can get right in with your equipment to experience spookiness.

The game is available both in regular and VR modes, and it also features voice recognition to let you talk to the dead. The game is expected to stay in Early Access until sometime in 2021. Here is its spooky Steam page.

Blazing Sails: Pirate Battle Royale

Blazing Sails Early Access screenshot

Sure, you’ve played pirate games and you’ve played battle royales, but have you played them both at once? Blazing Sails lets you band with other crewmates and control a ship, with your objective being to sink every other ship in the waters. You’ll have to scrounge for loot and upgrades to get an advantage, and take care of your ship, because you don’t lose until your ship goes down.

Blazing Sails has no fixed release window at this time, but is expected to stay in Early Access for at least 6-9 months more. Check it out here.

Cloud Gardens

Cloud Gardens screenshot

We always seem to have a chill Early Access game every month, and this month, it’s Cloud Gardens. You’re presented with dioramas of urban decay, and your goal is to plant seeds and help nature reclaim a wayward landscape. The game features both a sandbox mode and a campaign mode, in which you balance scavenged objects and nature.

Cloud Gardens is expected to leave Early Access in 3 months or thereabouts. You’ll find it over here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke