Abandon Ship abandons Steam Early Access and sails to version 1.0

After several years of navigating the high tides of game development, Fireblade Software has released the full version of Abandon Ship.

Gosh, we first heard of Abandon Ship back in 2016, and we thought the game would be out the next year. And then the next year, we thought it’d be out the year after that. But the third time’s the charm. Fireblade Software has finally yanked the strategy sailing game out of Early Access. The game released today at 4:30 pm BST, and is now playable in its Version 1.0 form.

Abandon Ship has come a long way since it was conceived and later put into Early Access, but how has it changed for the final release? Developer Fireblade Software has revealed just that in a new post on Steam. Have a look at it here.

There’s now more main story content, and also a freeplay mode that lets you restore old pirate islands and become the pirate king. Want to be a pirate queen instead? That’s totally possible now, thanks to a female pirate option with the voice of Amelia Tyler.

There’s also a new region that’s been opened up: The Uncharted, which does not involve any Nathan Drakes, but does involve lots of shallow waters and even thunder.  If you enjoy achievements, then there’s those too.

Check out the official full release trailer here:

The developer has made it clear that the full release is not the end of the journey for the game, as it will continue to be expanded upon. Looks like this particular project won’t be abandoned soon.

For more information on Abandon Ship, have a look at its official website here. Also have a look at its Steam page here.

We didn’t see the Abandon Ship release coming this week, but here’s a round-up of all the games that we did foresee releasing this week. For more terrestrial adventures, have a look at the new ‘Adventurers Wanted’ update for Pathway.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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