Abandon Ship gets new “The Perilous Bounty” update, introduces sea forts

Sea forts, wanted levels, trade routes, oh my! Abandon Ship has a slew of new content in its latest free update, so don’t jump overboard just yet.

Abandon Ship may have released earlier this year, but developer Fireblade Software has certainly not abandoned ship just yet. The studio is working hard to deliver new content and features, all in the form of free updates. The newest such update has gone live, and it has the flashy title of “The Perilous Bounty”.

In The Perilous Bounty, you’ll be introduced to a new type of enemy: the sea fort. Standing imperviously in the sea, these structures can be fought just like a ship, but needless to say, you can’t sink a fort. They also come packed with “Mega-Mortars”, which could blast your ship to smithereens if you’re not careful.

There’s also a Wanted level system now. Doing bad things like being a pirate will now cause you to become notorious across the seas, and you might just end up being chased down by bounty hunters. You can also rack up your Wanted level by attacking trade routes—another new feature to the game.

Apart from all this, there’s new weapons and combat upgrades and an all-new-and-improved Kraken. This bad boy will now aggro during a fight, making this truly the Dark Souls of sailing games. All your weapons can now autofire, furthermore, and the maximum size of your crew will change depending on your ship size.

For even more information, check out the official blog post that details the update.

Abandon Ship is available now on PC. Here’s the official website, and here it is on Steam.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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