Banner Saga 3 hits funding goal in a week, first stretch goal revealed

The Banner Saga shall continue onto its finale as Banner Saga 3 has been fully funded on Kickstarter with a  hefty 35 days to spare. Here’s what’s next.

Stoic is in celebration mode as their newest game—and the finale of the Banner Saga series, Banner Saga 3 has been funded on Kickstarter. The news comes less than a week before the game’s announcement, which coincided with the Kickstarter’s commencement. With 35 days left for the game’s Kickstarter to end, it is likely that the game will be funded many times over its initial goal.

Stoic has revealed the first stretch goal for the Banner Saga 3 campaign: playable Dredge characters. If you’ve played the previous Banner Saga games, you might know the Dredge as the baddies of the game. If you haven’t, well: they’re the baddies. They look a bit scary, wearing dark armour made of either metal or stone and featuring big, bright yellow eyes (that could really just be well-illuminated lemons).

If Stoic hits the stretch goal of $250,000, Banner Saga 3 will feature three Dredge heroes: the Stoneguard, the Hurler and the Stonesinger. Here’s what they look like:

Banner Saga 3 Dredge Heroes

As with other heroes, you will be able to order them around and train them up to realise their true potentials in guarding stones, hurling and singing to stones. Put them next to human, varl or horseborn allies, and they’ll get new abilities, too.

Banner Saga 3 has a tentative release window of December 2018, and is under development for PC and Mac. You can back it here on Kickstarter for some neat rewards. Throw down an extra $20, and you can get the first two Banner Saga games as well. The game has been confirmed to be the conclusion to the series, and will take you into a dark world where you will be tormented by a wyrm. Wait, poor power infrastructure and a lack of pest control? Sounds like a place I know.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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