Banner Saga 3 gets two more stretch goals: survival mode and Ubin

Stoic has revealed the next two stretch goals for its Kickstarter campaign for Banner Saga 3. Will the game’s backers be able to bring back Ubin?

The Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter campaign is fast approaching the target for its first stretch goal: playable Dredge heroes. Stoic has now revealed the next two stretch goals for the game, which should entice backers both new and old. The second stretch goal for the campaign, set to the tune of $300,000, is a survival mode where you fight battle after battle to earn renown. The third stretch goal will be unlocked at $350,000 and involves the return of Ubin, a varl hero from the previous games in the series.

In the Survival Mode, you get to choose six heroes to fight baddies with. As you win, you will earn renown and items, and will be able to upgrade the heroes that survive the ordeals. As for the ones that fall: well, you just replace them with other (unlocked) heroes from the roster.

Spoilers for The Banner Saga 2 below.

As for Ubin – well, it seems that if his stretch goal is met, he will return to your banner after his departure in the previous game. When asked by a backer if Ubin will be completely gone if the stretch goal is not met, Stoic responded that they “can’t say at this point”, and that backers should try and hit the stretch goal to be safe. Very coy.

Banner Saga 3 stretch goals 2 and 3

Banner Saga 3 has met its funding goal, and is under development for PC and Mac. It’s currently expected to release in December 2018. You can back it to try and hit the stretch goals over at its Kickstarter. It will be the last game in the series, and if you throw in an extra $20 to your pledge, you get the previous two games as well.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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