Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter hits $300K, new stretch goal revealed

With 13 days left to go, the Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter campaign has completed yet another stretch goal. Stoic has readied another one, just in time.

Look, it turns out people really love Vikings, alright? Especially Vikings doing things tactically, like tactical mead drinking and tactical conversation choice-making. Stoic’s upcoming game about tactical Viking action, Banner Saga 3, has now crossed the $300,000 crowdfunding mark over at its Kickstarter. This means it has now crossed yet another stretch goal: adding the Survival Mode to the game.

The path is now clear for the next stretch goal in the campaign, titled “Ubin Lives”. As we’ve reported before, this one brings back the character Ubin from the previous games. This stretch goal will be met if the campaign gets $350,000, which shouldn’t be too hard at the pace it’s going.

Stoic has also revealed a new stretch goal for the campaign: titled Eternal Arena. It’s a new game mode that that throws quick-play challenges at you with widely customisable rules and options. There will even be weekly tournaments, which is an enticing prospect for the more competitive players out there.

Banner Saga 3 is under development for PC and Mac only at the moment, and is expected to release in December 2018. Stoic is making it clear that this game will cap off the Banner Saga trilogy. They also have a pretty good track record with crowdfunding, so if you’ve played the previous two games, this is a fairly safe bet to make. And if you haven’t, you can throw down an extra $20 whatever pledge you make to get the first two Banner Saga games.

In this final instalment of the series, you’ll find yourself journeying to lands of “untold darkness” that will threaten your sanity as you are tormented by a monstrous wyrm. Looks suitably apocalyptic. Tactically apocalyptic.

Have a look at the Kickstarter trailer if you haven’t already:

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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