Cat Quest to release in August on Steam, later on PS4 and Switch

Open world role-pawing game Cat Quest will be purring on PC and Mac as soon as next month, but console players will have to wait a little longer.

The world is in danger—it is veritable under existential threat—from cat-related puns. And Cat Quest is going to rescue us from this dystopia we are heading towards. Or maybe no, no, it’s just going to make things even more purrfect.

It has been announced that its open-world RPG Cat Quest will be releasing on 8th August on Steam. The game is also planned to release on PS4 and Switch, but those versions will come later this year. On Steam, the game will be playable on PC and Mac.

In Cat Quest, you must hunt down a baddie named Drakoth (with a name like that, how can he not be a baddie?) and search for your catnapped sister. And of course, that means getting sidetracked by dungeons and side-quests along the way. I mean, one of its inspirations is Skyrim, what do you expect?

The game is set on the sizeable open world of Felingard, and features real-time combat where you can go around hacking and slashing with a sword and/or blasting them with magic. The magic spells are named (let me adjust my serious-looking glasses first—there, we’re good), Lightnyan, Flamepurr, and Healpaw.

It also happens to be a colourful, attractive looking game with well-realised art. Have a look at the trailer below, for instance.

Cat Quest is developed by Singaporean studio The Gentlebros, and published by PQube. Apart from Steam, PS4 and Switch, the game is also planned to release on iOS and Android at some point.

If you’d rather skip the cat puns (fur shame!) but keep the role-playing with real-time combat, you might prefer Devolver Digital’s The Swords of Ditto or the long-in-development CrossCode.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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