Cayne, a free adventure in the Stasis universe, is set to release tomorrow

Cayne is a follow-up to Stasis, and has you guiding a pregnant woman trapped in a facility to safety (all while solving puzzles, naturally).

South African developer The Brotherhood has announced that Cayne will release on 24 January, which, by golly, happens to be tomorrow. Not unlike Stasis, it’s a sci-fi horror game that puts you in dark environments and surrounds you with dark deeds. Unlike most horror games, though, it’s got a comfortable isometric view, far out from the action. So if Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is too terrifying for you, this is a good alternative.

Cayne centres on Hadley, a woman nine months pregnant who finds herself in a facility. There’s some foul stuff going on, and they want Hadley’s baby. The answers to why Hadley is in this situation and how she can escape are revealed by solving point-and-click puzzles.

It’s a little surprising that The Brotherhood chose to release Cayne for free, considering the package it comes with. While its gameplay length is still unknown (and dare I say irrelevant?), it offers full 3D FMV sequences, sleek visuals, voice acting and even translation into a number of languages. The Steam page even advertises support for 6:10 monitors, for some reason. At least, I hope it’s 6:10 and not a typo of 16:10. That would crush my heart.

Cayne is out tomorrow for PC, Mac and Linux. You can get it from its Steam page, but it should also be available on the official website, if you’d rather stick it to the man in Bellevue.

Of course, if this sort of thing really interests you, you might also be interested in The Brotherhood’s previous work, Stasis. Also horror, also sci-fi, but set on an abandoned spaceship. The Brotherhood is also working on a properly gorgeous looking game called Beautiful Desolation and its Kickstarter begins… tomorrow!

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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