Curious Expedition 2 announced, to bring more roguelike expeditions later this year


The sequel to 2016’s best turn-based expedition game, The Curious Expedition, will be releasing in 2019. Say adieu to pixel art and hello to multiplayer.

“Drop the ‘the’,” someone at Maschinen-Mensch said, no doubt. “Just Curious Expedition. It’s cleaner.” And so, the German studio sallied forth with its latest: a sequel to 2016’s The Curious Expedition, which has been titled Curious Expedition 2.

As with the previous game, it’s a turn-and-tile-based roguelike in which you control an explorer in a distant, unexplored terrain. You will join the Explorer Clubs, where fame and renown are everything, and work your way up their ranks. There’s a lot more to expect than just the same old, though.

For one, the first game’s pixel art style has been swapped out in favour of an “HD” graphic novel art style. It certainly looks a lot cleaner and more detailed, which sells the sequel as a sequel. Mechanics will be deeper now, and procedural generation will be better-er, and multiplayer will be included-er. Err, wait, that just means it will be included for the first time.

Curious Expedition 2 will release on PC, as well as other unmentioned (or indeed, unmentionable) platforms. Unlike the first game, Mac and Linux versions have not been announced just yet.

While the game will be developed by Maschinen-Mensch, it won’t be self-published. Instead, the game is being published by Swedish outfit Thunderful, which was formed early last year after Swedish studios Zoink and Image & Form combined into a single entity.

You’ll find Curious Expedition 2 on its official website here, and on its Steam page here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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