Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders to open the case on Steam in May


In Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders, the legendary Chinese detective must track down a serial killer. The game now has a release date, and a new trailer.

Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders has been on watchlists for a long time now, ever since it was announced back in the Tang Dynasty. No, hold on, it was announced in 2014. After several years of development, the classic-style point-and-click adventure is finally getting ready for release.

The game is now slated to launch on 1st May on Steam. It will be available across PC, Mac, and Linux.

There’s a new launch trailer out for the game, which you can have a look at below:

Di Renjie is a real figure from the Tang and Zhou Dynasty eras of China. He served as an imperial official under the reign of Wu Zetian, the only empress regnant in Chinese history.

In fiction, he has been widely celebrated as a sharp detective working on the empress’ behalf, with several TV shows, novels, movies, and now, vidoe games.

Here’s how the developers describe the plot:

Amid lingering political turmoil, the first and only female empress of China, Wu Zetian rises to power. Within months of her ascension to the throne, murmurs of discontentment and revolution swell as detractors and enemies begin plotting against her. It is against this backdrop that our protagonist, newly appointed investigating magistrate Di Renjie, must solve a gruesome series of murders–which will lead him on a collision course with the Imperial Court and the empress herself.

Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders is being developed by Montreal-based studio Nupixo Games, headed up by developer Minh Ta.

For more information on Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders, have a look at the official website here.

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