Devotion brings Taiwanese folkloric horror in February; from the devs of Detention


Explore a Taiwanese apartment complex in the 80s and witness its descent into nightmare, when Devotion comes to Steam next month.

Red Candle Games has announced that its sophomore game (after 2017’s excellent Detention) is scheduled to release next month. Devotion, which continues to explore Taiwanese culture through a horror lens, is a first-person adventure game set in an apartment complex in the 80s.

The game will release on Steam on 19th February. No specific platforms have been announced so far, but PC seems like the safest bet.

Here’s how the developers describe the game’s story and setting:

You step into your apartment, 80s music drifts through the air, an idol show plays on the television; a nostalgic setting surely, but what is this feeling of unease? You question this place you used to call “home,” noticing as it distorts with every shift of your eyes, anxious as your surroundings skirt the precipice of the extraordinary. As you push through each memory, uncovering the layers of each mystery, you may find buried in this home, the unsettling truth of those who lived here.

“Remember what you prayed for…”

There’s also a new trailer for the game. Here it is, fresh from the oven:

Red Candle Games’ first effort was Detention, which has a “Strong” rating of 81 over at OpenCritic, as well as 96% Positive reviews at Steam. Devotion is being published by Winking Entertainment, a veteran company originally founded in Taiwan, but presently based in mainland China.

There’s no Steam page for Devotion just yet, but it’ll probably go live sometime soon. In the meantime, you can check out the official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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