Down The Rabbit Hole Expands to New Languages

The Alice in Wonderland-based VR title, ​Down the Rabbit Hole​, has garnered a lot of attention since its release in March.

We have been truly humbled by players’ reactions to the experience we have created. Just earlier this summer, we were featured as one of the “​best VR games in 2020 (so far)​” by ​UploadVR​. The game has struck a chord with VR players, Alice in Wonderland lovers and puzzle fans all over the world.

Down The Rabbit Hole

After listening to feedback from our players, we have now updated ​Down the Rabbit Hole​. One of the most desired requests has been extended language support. So, it was decidedly time for us to ensure that we could make the game more accessible to global audiences.

The update now introduces language support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish and Canadian French.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Player Feedback 

Another request from the players has been to share the experience with family members and friends. Thus, we added the ability to have multiple save slots under the same profile, so that several people can get through the game on their own without affecting each other’s progress in the story.

In addition, the game has been updated with a host of minor improvements. If you haven’t taken the plunge down the rabbit hole, now is a great time to discover why so many people are raving about their VR adventure through Wonderland.

This patch includes:

●  The addition of multiple player profiles

●  Subtitles for seven new languages:

    • ○  Simplified Chinese
    • ○  Japanese
    • ○  Korean
    • ○  Italian
    • ○  Portuguese (Brazil)
    • ○  Spanish (Latin America)
    • ○  French (Canada)

●  Puzzles that require knowledge in were written in English now have pictures instead.

●  Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes

Down the Rabbit Hole​ is currently available on ​Oculus Quest​, ​Oculus Rift​, ​Steam VR​. ​Viveport​, and ​PSVR​ are soon to also receive this update. You can find links to the various storefronts here​.

Read more about ​Cortopia Studios on the developer website. For more indie game previews visit the IND13 preview pages 

This Article was written by: Armando Abrahamsson

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