Dusk to shoot its way out of Steam Early Access in December

Prepare to quake in your boots, because retro-styled shooter Dusk will release in little over a month’s time. Plus, additional goodies and a discount.

This January, the Quake-inspired shooter Dusk entered Early Access in Steam. Now, a proper release date is finally in sight, and it’s set for 10th December this year. Now that’s what I call sliding in just in time to grab all the GotY awards. Folks who want to buy the game on launch will be treated to a special discount: they can buy the game at a price of $16.66, which probably includes a personal visit by Satan offering you a severed goat’s head.

Check out the release date trailer here:

Owners of Dusk who owned the game before Halloween (i.e. yesterday), will get a 50+ page graphic novel for completely free of charge. Check out a few pages of the thing at the Steam announcement page. Additionally, everyone who owns the game in its Early Access form will get to play Episode 3 of the game before everyone else. That’s Episode 3 of Dusk, mind you, not Half-Life 2.

Finally there’s also a new update to the game that has gone live right now. It includes new cheat codes, a new Endless Arena level, controller support, a remastered main menu track, and cart dog playable character, and more. Wait, a cart dog? Yes, a cart dog. Really, a dog in a cart with a rocket launcher strapped on.

The developer has big plans for the game post-release, too. In 2019, the game is expected to get ports to Mac, Linux, and Switch, as well as Steam Workshop and co-op support.

You’ll find Dusk’s Steam page here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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