E3 2018: Factory builder Satisfactory is really like a first-person Factorio

Construct truly massive structures and automate the living heck out of them in Satisfactory, which comes from the creators of Goat Simulator and Sanctum.

Satisfactory was the first game shown at the PC Gaming Show this year, and it certainly wins the best-named-game award from me. If you’re familiar with the cult indie Factorio, you’ll see the appeal of Satisfactory right away: it’s a game about constructing buildings and machines, and then automating them. The twist is that the game is entirely in first-person, so you’ll do everything from resource collection to construction to exploration first-hand.

Have a look at the trailer below:

In the game, you play as an engineer working for FICSIT Incorporated, a corporation with a very mysterious, unspecified goal—that you have to realise. You’ll collect resources, construct buildings and machines, power them, automate them, and then continue your mad industrial expansion by taking over and exploiting nature.

Nature will, of course, fight back as the trailer showed. Still, you have at least one weapon and a jetpack in the game, so it shouldn’t get in the way of your corporate goals.

Satisfactory is developed by Sweden-based Coffee Stain Studios. Their previous credits include Goat Simulator and the Sanctum games, which makes this their first foray into the whole management/building genre. Coffee Stain is also publishing the game under its publishing arm, Coffee Stain Publishing.

There is no release date for the game just yet, but it’s said to be ‘coming soon’, which isn’t very satisfying. Only one platform is confirmed at the moment, and that’s Windows PC.

Check out the official website here, and the Steam page here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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