Final episode of The Lion’s Song gets a release date for PC, Mac, mobile

The fourth and final episode of The Lion’s Song will release later this month, and the adventure game will also make its way to mobile on the same date.

The Lion’s Song, an indie adventure game from Austria, started its journey almost exactly a year ago, and now it’s back to finish it. Developers Mi’pu’mi Games have announced that they’re releasing the final episode of the game on July 13th. The release will take place across the original platform PC, as well as Mac, iOS and Android.

For PC and Mac, the game will be available by way of `Steam, where you can play the first episode for free and purchase the remaining three episodes separately, or in a season pass. The game season pass is priced at $9.99, £8.99, or €9.99, while individual episodes can be bought for $3.99, £3.49 or €3.99 each. On iOS and Android, the game will only be available in a single pack containing all episodes. The pricing in mobile realm is $4.99, £4.99 or €5.49.

There’s also a new trailer out for the final episode, which is subtitled “Closure”.

The previous three episodes of The Lion’s Song have each focused on a different struggling artist: Wilma the musician, Franz the painter and Emma the mathematician. The final episode will weave in all three stories into one fateful train ride. The decisions you have made in the previous episodes as well as the ones you will make in the final episode will affect the game’s conclusion. Try not to get them killed or anything.

If you’d like to play it on PC or Mac, you can get The Lion’s Song over on Steam here. It’s not yet up on mobile stores, but keep an eye out for it when the game launches on July 13th.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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