Frostpunk promises eternal suffering with its free Endless Mode DLC

Icey dicey city builder slash survival game Frostpunk has just received an Endless Mode. And it’s free, too, so you can suffer harsh winters endlessly.

We’ve been following Frostpunk ever since it was first announced back in 2016, and it still surprises us that the game didn’t have an endless play mode. Developer 11 bit studios has laid that to rest by releasing a free DLC for the game that introduces Endless Mode. This DLC is already out and if you own Frostpunk, you can play it right away (provided your game has been updated).

Here’s an overview of the Endless Mode DLC by way of a trailer:

Over at Steam, the developers have provided a breakdown of what this DLC update contains:

  • Endless playthrough
  • 3 new maps
  • 2 brand new game modes
  • Randomised frostlands
  • New Archives mechanic
  • New city decorations

There’s also been a solid round of bug fixery, such as the following:

  • People can no longer be arrested while all the wardens are busy, for example building something
  • Gravely ill should head to Infirmary more timely
  • Hungry or ill people on scout teams no longer make completing certain quests impossible
  • Wall Drill line has now proper heating level progression
  • Using RMB to move the camera no longer closes the construction panel
  • Videos should no longer disappear after using Alt+Tab
  • Fixed a bug with Automaton Scouts not always revealing new sites
  • The economy panel now shows the correct number of free places in a Care House
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the list of saved games to disappear from Save menu
  • Automatons assigned to Charcoal Kilns are now counted towards the quest goal in The Arks
  • Fixed an exploit with rebuilding the Outpost for extra Coal in The Fall of Winterhome
  • Shadow rendering system optimization and quality improvements
  • Other small fixes and tweaks

For more information on Frostpunk, check out its official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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