Game kicker: the first crowdfunding platform for indie games

A new crowdfunding platform specifically for indie games, Gamekicker, is launching on 8th March. Now obviously there are a number of other crowdfunding sites out there, with Kickstarter being the most popular, but one that is aimed specifically at indie games could prove popular.

The reason for setting up Gamekicker is, they say, “because crowdfunding for video games has been far from perfect. We saw that we could greatly improve the way games are crowdfunded. With a platform that is specifically built for crowdfunding video games, a lot more can be achieved than with the existing platforms. Together we can positively influence the economy for indie developers and assure that beautiful, creative game projects come to life for gamers to enjoy!”

They also sat that money shouldn’t rule which games are created, creativity and gamers should. But we all know that it does and getting funding can be a pretty arduous process, and one that has a lot of competition. Also, indiegame crowdfunding campaigns are getting more and more competition from AAA games. As they explain, “AAA or AA studios have seen the benefits of crowdfunding, where they can secure a part of the development costs, create a validation showcase for publisher investments and use the campaign as a marketing tool. We at Gamekicker think this is unfair.”

“While we will not deny the added value of a campaign in regards to marketing and maybe even securing a publisher for current or future projects and we even advise studios to take full advantage, in its core crowdfunding is not a marketing or showcase tool. It is a tool of getting funds to studios with great ideas that have no other way of securing funds. AAA and AA studios have a lot of other ways to secure funds (either by known private investors and/or publishers that they have already worked with), small independent studios do not. We therefore wanted to create a platform dedicated to indie games, where they will get the tools and support necessary to create the games they want to create!”

Gamekicker say that they are offering gamers the opportunity to support ground breaking games. It’s very easy, you want a new game? Just go to the Gamekicker platform and find your game. Every project is a video game, so just find your genre and start backing.

This could be an interesting new crowdfunding launch, and definitely one to keep an eye on.

This Article was written by: Lee Smith

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