Games media outlets Into Indie Games and Analog join forces

Into Indie Games and Analog have forged an alliance. The niche games industry publications have joined forces in a partnership that will see them share content and collaborate.

In the first instance Into Indie Games will begin to run articles from Analog on the site and Analog will pick up articles from Into Indie Games. There are plans in place for event collaborations and hosting downloadable versions of Analog on the Into Indie Games site. 

Into Indie Games is a site dedicated to the indie games scene which runs news, reviews, features and previews on indie games. Analog is a bi-monthly print publication that concentrates on news and articles from the games industry featuring current trends and topical news.

What the Editors had to say

Harry Cole, Editor of Into Indie Games, said: ‘Analog is a great publication that carries just the sort of content we want on Into Indie Games. Like us they are passionate about the games industry and giving a voice to those that may not always get a chance to speak out. We look forward to starting the collaboration and seeing where it takes us’.

Alex Boucher, Editor of Analog, said: ‘We’re thrilled to be working with the team at Into Indie Games, and hoping to come up with some great partnerships for the future! We hope our scrappy little fanzine gets picked up by devs that could really benefit from the issues we cover; and in turn we look forward to giving Into Indie Games a regular space in our zine too.’

Into Indie Games 

Into Indie Games is dedicated to all things indie games. Covering the latest news and features for indie games. Celebrating indie games and supporting the indie games community. You can find out more at


Analog is a print fanzine written by game devs for game devs. We cover the more personal side and raise awareness for mental health, diversity and best practice in games

For more information, contact Into Indie Games Indie Games/contact-us

This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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