Hazelnut Bastille gets a Kickstarter campaign, Switch stretch goal

Zelda-like action RPG Hazelnut Bastille is now seeking funds on Kickstarter. It will be out on PC, Mac, and Linux at launch… but maybe also on the Switch?

Hazelnut Bastille has been on my indie radar for a while now, particularly because of how authentically 16-bit it looks. The game is now on Kickstarter, seeking funds to finish its development. It looks well on its way to success, so the real question will be how far it goes with the stretch goals. Check out the Kickstarter here.

So far, three stretch goals have been revealed. The first will unlock more content for the game, the second will ensure translations of the game into European languages, and the third will ensure the game is developed for the Nintendo Switch alongside the launch release platforms of PC, Mac, and Linux. The campaign page also strongly hints that a PS4 version might be one of the future stretch goals.

Here’s what the game is about, according to the devs:

Hazelnut Bastille is the story of a young woman who has just arrived on the shores of a savage, foreign land for the first time. She casts a haunted figure, and has come to seek the fabled knowledge of a race of long-dead ancients on the edge of the world, in hopes of finding a way to reclaim something which was lost to her. Along the way, she meets the other inhabitants of this undiscovered country: a band of castouts and pariahs from the old world, all seeking to make a new life in a place far away from their old troubles. Her story will become entangled with theirs, as they each lean on one another for their own needs, and slowly she will get to know exactly who each of these strange bedfellows are, and what they have themselves run from in their old lives.

Hazelnut Bastille has an expected release date of October 2020. Check out the official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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