Heaven’s Vault is an open world adventure from the creators of 80 Days

Inkle, the Cambridge-based studio of wordy adventures, has announced its next game: Heaven’s Vault. Expect celestial exploration and a robot companion.

Heaven’s Vault will be the next game by Inkle, and the first they’ve made that isn’t based on already existing intellectual property. The company describes the game as “a character-driven graphic novel crossed with an open-world adventure game”.

It’s set in a place called “the Nebula”, and well, Inkle is really good with words, so I’ll let them describe it: “A network of rivers, flowing from one moon to the next, carrying air and water between scattered clusters of civilisation. No one knows how the Nebula was formed. No one knows how it will end.”

Your protagonist will be one Aliya “El” Elasra, who is trying to find out what’s up with the Nebula. Aiding her is an “unwilling” robot assistant who is sadly not Passepartout from 80 Days, but is called ‘Six’. Together, they will bandy about the Nebula and meet many characters “who will remember everything you say” (clearly they have better memory than I do). The activity I’m most keen on myself is learning and translating the script of the “Ancients”.

Heaven's Vault screenshot

Over at the official blog post, Inkle has listed their inspirations for the game, and it’s quite fascinating to see how so many diverse things come together to form Heaven’s Vault. We’re talking about the open world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Islamic architecture, Tintin, Raymond Chandler and The Witness all being blended together. The result, I expect, will be fascinating.

Heaven’s Vault is under development for PC, consoles and mobile platforms, although no specific platforms have been mentioned. No release window has been mentioned, so it’s also unclear when the game will launch. Till then, you can help yourself to some globe-hopping or sorcerising.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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