In The Valley of Gods is the next game from the Firewatch devs; trailer out

Venture into the Egyptian desert for fame and fortune in the next first-person adventure from the developers of Firewatch: In The Valley of Gods.

Campo Santo, the developer behind the indie hit Firewatch, has announced its next game, which is also a first-person adventure. It’s titled In The Valley of Gods and stars two characters exploring a hidden valley in the Egyptian desert, where they’re searching for treasure and a discovery that could bring them fame and fortune. Of course, the path is fraught with dangers, and chances are high you might end up dead (you probably won’t).

Not much has been revealed about the story so far, but we do know that the game is set in the 1920s. The player character is named Rashida, who is a disgraced former explorer and a filmmaker. She misses her life of adventures, and now has one more shot at living that life again. To do so, however, she has to team up with Zora, a former partner who Rashida really doesn’t want to work with again. I expect that despite the whole treasure-seeking plot, the relationship between Rashida and Zora should be the real crux of the story.

The game was revealed at The Game Awards earlier today with the following trailer. Have a look-see:

Developer Campo Santo has expanded slightly to develop this ‘sprawling’ single-player adventure, but is still maintaining a team size of roughly a dozen people.

In The Valley of Gods is scheduled to release sometime in 2019 for PC, Mac and Linux. The developers haven’t ruled out other platforms yet. There’s an official website here, complete with a FAQ. There’s also a Steam page already up, although you can’t really do much other than wishlisting the game at the moment.

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