Indie Game Releases of the Week: 22nd to 28th January 2018

This week in indie games: we sneak around pantsless, decide between force or diplomacy, fight inner demons on a mountain, drive through zombies and more!

2018 is picking up steam, clearly. That may or may not be a pun based on the preponderance of PC titles coming out this week! Expect several new indie titles, and you’re going to have a particularly good time if you’re in the mood for side-scrolling platformers. Even if you’re not into platformers all that much, you might find something to your liking this week. Have a look!

Ripped Pants at Work (22nd January on PC, Mac)

Developer: Scott Ethington
Publisher: Scott Ethington

Ripped Pants at Work is a top-down stealth game with a twist. Instead of the usual military-industrial complex commentary, it deals with a very embarrassing situation: being without pants at work. You will have to sneak your way around on your first day of work, all to find a pair of pants. Get spotted too much though, and you’ll end up fired for indecency.

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Hidden Dragon: Legend (22nd January on PC)

Developer: MegaFun Games Ltd.
Publisher: Oasis Games

Hidden Dragon: Legend is a spiffy-looking action platformer made and set in China. Its fast-paced action is inspired by greats like the Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden games. Expect a tough challenge as you fight enemies and bosses alike, while also dealing with Metroidvania puzzles.

Ancient Future (22nd January on PC, Mac)

Ancient Future screenshotDeveloper: Binary Fusion
Publisher: Binary Fusion

Ancient Future is an indie platformer-brawler with a cyberpunk setting. It’s mainly built for multiplayer play, and lets you battle friends in both local and online multiplayer. Its main draw seems to be the very vast range of weapons, items and characters available to mix-and-match, letting you build the perfect load-out for your style and arena.

Iconoclasts (23rd January on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita)

Developer: Joakim Sandberg
Publisher: Bifrost Entertainment, DANGEN Entertainment

Iconoclasts is a story-focused platformer adventure with detailed world-building and a story that deals with faith and purpose. You play as a mechanic without license named Robin, who is just trying to fix a world going increasingly nuts. As she explores the world, she’ll deal with enemies, bosses and puzzles alike, and discover that she’s in the middle of something bigger than she’d ever imagined.

Shu (23rd January on Switch)

Developer: Coatsink Software
Publisher: Coatsink Software

Shu is a gorgeous-looking indie platformer adventure in which you control poor Shu, whose village has been destroyed. As the world seems to be coming to an end, Shu must band together with other survivors of the world, helping them in exchange for special abilities. As he explores the world in search for a sanctuary, Shu must also figure out how to stop the storm threatening the end of the world.

Celeste (25th January on PC, Mac, Switch, PS4; 26th January on Xbox One)

Developer: Matt Makes Games Inc.
Publisher: Matt Makes Games Inc.

Celeste is an indie platformer with rather tight controls, and it comes from the makers of the excellent TowerFall. You play as young Madeline, who is journeying to the top of Celeste Mountain, but must confront her inner demons along the way. Accessible but challenging, the game will put your timing and reflexes to the test.

Zombie Derby 2 (25th January on PC)

Developer: Brinemedia
Publisher: Brinemedia

Zombie Derby 2 is out to prove that the only thing more satisfying than shooting zombies is driving through the whole lot of them. Pick your vehicle, upgrade it, then sally forth and tear down the undead.

ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun (25th January on Switch)

Developer: ThirtyThree
Publisher: Gambitious

ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun is a rather interestingly named twitchy action platformer. You get only two controls: one to jump by shooting down, the other to shoot forward. There’s no stopping in this wild ride, where you’ll have to balance both your position and your shooting to deal with challenges both from enemies and the environment itself.

Dust and Salt (25th January on PC, Mac)

Developer: Prime Games
Publisher: Prime Games

Dust and Salt is a text-heavy narrative adventure game in which you play as a hero whose village was razed. With vengeance on his mind, our hero must now make difficult decisions to forge alliances and deal with his foes. Apart from lots of reading and decision-making, the game also has a tactical combat layer in which you command your forces against your enemies.

Tesla vs Lovecraft (26th January on PC, Mac, Linux)

Developer: 10tons Ltd
Publisher: 10tons Ltd

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a patently mad twin-stick shooter in which two of legendary personalities duke it out. You play as inventor Nikola Tesla, whose laboratory is burned down by none other than Call of Cthulu author H.P. Lovecraft. In the ensuing battle, you control the electrical Tesla-Mech with its special abilities to fight the eldritch horrors brought on by Lovecraft.

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