Indie Game Releases of the Week: 10th to 16th August 2020

This week in indie games, we have the rhythm action game Double Kick Heroes, adventure game Metamorphosis, roguelike Risk of Rain 2, and more.

This week’s indie games are going to have bugs in them. Wait no, don’t go away: I’m talking about literal bugs, as in cockroaches and spiders. Oh, now you’re definitely gone, aren’t you?

Well, if you’re still reading, then check out our features below and also the many honourable mentions we’ve got assembled. There’s something for everyone, but if you like bugs, you’re going to be feasting this week. Oh, drat.

Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 screenshot

11th August on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch | Trailer

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike action game that adds a new dimension to the indie classic Risk of Rain. After well over a year in Early Access (and many accolades and passionate fans), Risk of Rain 2 is finally leaving early access and launching on all platforms. As you attempt to get off the planet (with or without your friends), you’ll have to battle non-stop and hope to make it through the run.


Metamorphosis screenshot

12th August on PC, Xbox One, Switch | Trailer

Metamorphosis is a first-person adventure game in which you play as a man named Gregor who, well, finds himself no longer a man but a bug. Inspired by Franz Kafka’s classic story of the same name, Metamorphosis has you solving tricky puzzles and exploring uncommon dwellings to find answers.

Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star

Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star screenshot

13th August on PC, Mac | Trailer

Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star is a visual novel that explores abusive relationships with branching storylines and a mechanic in which you pick which sense to use on your boyfriend. The semi-autobiographical game carries a visual style unmistakeably inspired by Masaaki Yuasa (Devilman Crybaby), and has been created entirely by lone developer Lorenzo Redaelli.

Double Kick Heroes

Double Kick Heroes indie game screenshot

13th August on PC, Xbox One, Switch | Trailer

Double Kick Heroes is a rhythm-action game hybrid, and it involves a metal band riding a ‘gundillac’ and destroying zombie enemies with the combined power of guns and metal. Metal guns? Gun metal? Yes. Apart from Story and Arcade modes, the game also features an editor to design your own levels. You can import any song you like into the game, too. The game has been in Early Access for over two years, and is finally launching this week.

Kill It With Fire

Kill it with Fire screenshot

13th August on PC | Trailer

Kill It With Fire is a first-person action game about hunting down spiders in your house and then trying to get rid of them using any means necessary. You get to use a vast arsenal of “increasingly excessive” weapons and devices to take down the critters, and you might just cause quite a bit of collateral damage along the way.

Honourable Indie Mentions

  • Mealmates (10th August on PC, Mac)
    • Mini-game collection
  • Popup Dungeon (12th August on PC)
    • Tactical roguelike RPG
  • Near Deadline (12th August on PC)
    • Arcade game
  • For the People (13th August on PC, Mac, Linux)
    • Adventure game / visual novel
  • Teenage Blob (13th August on PC, Mac)
    • Album video game with mini-games
  • Eternal Hope (13th August on PC)
    • Fantasy adventure game
  • ZAAM (13th August on PC)
    • First-person psychological horror
  • Boomerang Fu (13th August on PC, Xbox One, Switch)
    • Physics-based party game
  • Bite the Bullet (13th August on PC, Xbox One, Switch)
    • Run and gun shooter
  • The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines (13th August on PC, Xbox One, Switch)
    • Twin-stick fantasy-themed shooter
  • Eastern Exorcist (14th August on PC)
    • Side-scrolling action RPG
  • DEPO : Death Epileptic Pixel Origins (14th August on PC, Mac, Linux)
    • First-person platformer
  • Enter Digiton (14th August on PC)
    • Metroidvania platformer
  • The Owl Quest (14th August on PC)
    • Point-and-click adventure

Other Indie Releases

10th August

  • Twist&Bounce (Switch)
    • 3D arcade game

11th August

  • Prehistoric Dude (PC)
    • 2D action-platformer
  • Brunch Club (PS4, Xbox One)
    • Physics-based party game

12th August

  • Prehistoric Dude (Xbox One)
    • 2D action-platformer
  • Zero Strain (Xbox One)
    • Top-down shooter
  • Escape from Tethys (Xbox One, Switch)
    • Metroidvania platformer

13th August

  • Faeria (Xbox One, Switch)
    • Strategy card game
  • Big Dipper (Switch)
    • Visual novel
  • Pool Pro Gold (Switch)
    • 8-ball pool game
  • We Are Doomed (Switch)
    • Twin-stick arcade shooter
  • Darkestville Castle (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
    • Point-and-click adventure game
  • The Alto Collection (PS4, Xbox One)
    • Endless runner platformer
  • Through the Darkest of Times (Xbox One) -Narrative simulation game

14th August

  • Prehistoric Dude (Switch)
    • 2D action-platformer
  • Shaolin vs Wutang (Switch)
    • Fighting game
  • Linn: Path of Orchards (Xbox One, Switch)
    • Puzzle platformer
  • Cooking Simulator (Xbox One)
    • … it’s a cooking simulator
  • The Explorer of Night (Xbox One)
    • Minimalist platformer
  • Of Tanks and Demons III (Xbox One)
    • Arcade action game

15th August

  • Regina & Mac (Switch)
    • 3D platformer

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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