Indie Game Releases of the Week: 29th June to 5th July 2020

This week in indie games, we have the party shooter The Otterman Empire, the visual novel Café Rouge, the platformer Charge Kid, and more.

Indie games seem to be taking a break this week, as we have a rather sparse showing of game releases coming up. That said, it’s not all doom and gloom: we have a variety of quick and fun retro-styled games to play, as well as a visual novel. The highlight of the week would be The Otterman Empire, a party shooter with jetpacks. Unfortunately, we have nothing for PlayStation players this time, and there’s also no honourable indie mentions, but maybe next week!

Charge Kid

Charge Kid screenshot indie game

30th June on PC, Mac, Linux

Charge Kid is a puzzle platformer in which “every jump is a puzzle”. Like Celeste, you have limited resources to make a jump, but instead of precision platforming, you’ll instead be solving puzzles in this one. Charge Kid is also open source and made with the Godot engine. You can check out the source code at any time here.

Café Rouge

Café Rouge screenshot

1st July on PC, Mac | Trailer

Café Rouge is an indie visual novel in which an American teenager named Isis Black gets a part-time job at a mysterious cafe. As she explores the world of the cafe and its regulars, she finds that all is not as it seems. Perhaps, with time, she might even find… love? Well look, it’s got three romantic interests for you to pursue, all male, so maybe she will find love.

The Otterman Empire

The Otterman Empire indie game screenshot

2nd July on PC, Xbox One, Switch | Trailer

The Otterman Empire is a party third-person shooter involving cute animals strapped to jetpacks and armed with devastating guns. You can play solo, or you can go multiplayer in both couch co-op and competitive modes. There’s eight customisable characters to play with, and even a campaign mode.

Dungeons & Bombs

Dungeons & Bombs screenshot

2nd July on PC

Dungeons & Bombs is an arcade action game that explains everything there is to explain with its title. There’s dungeons, there’s bombs. You clear the dungeons by tossing a lot of bombs at the bad guys doing bad things in the dungeons. Did I mention there’s bombs? There’s an endless supply of bombs. In a dungeon.

Clash Force

Clash Force screenshot

3rd July on Xbox One, Switch | Trailer

Clash Force is an 8-bit-style action-platformer inspired by the aesthetics and cartoons of the 1980s. Your job is to kill the evil crackman, and you get to play as Voom (a rhino), Scorpido (a scorpion), or Echid (an echidna) as they fight through Crackman’s defences to end his menace. The game is already out on PC, but it’s making its Xbox One and Switch debut this week.

Other Indie Releases

29th June

  • Hungry Boy (PC)
    • Platformer shooter

30th June

  • the StoryTale (Switch)
    • Retro-style platformer

1st July

  • My Bewitching Perfume (Switch)
    • Otome visual novel
  • Restricted Area (PC)
    • First-person shooter
  • Droid Guier (PC)
    • Top-down robot combat game
  • Planetary Gravity (PC)
    • Arcade action game
  • Flatland Vol.2 (PC)
    • Hardcore platformer
  • Brain Please Don’t (PC)
    • Simulation adventure game

2nd July

  • Caretaker (Switch)
    • Survival horror
  • Biped (Switch)
    • Co-op action-adventure game
  • Infliction: Extended Cut (Switch)
    • Horror adventure game

3rd July

  • Singled Out (Switch)
    • Arcade action game
  • Clash Force (Xbox One, Switch)
    • Side-scrolling run-and-gun shooter
  • Infini (Switch)
    • Surreal puzzle adventure game
  • Ghost Grab 3000 (Switch)
    • Arcade action game
  • Demolish and Build (Xbox One)
    • Demolition and construction simulator
  • Kali (Mental Health AI) (PC)
    • Narrative adventure game

4th July

  • Zombies ruined my day (Switch)
    • 2D action game

5th July

  • Parking Attendant (PC)
    • Arcade game

For a more robust showing of game releases, have a look at what came out last week!

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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