Indie Game Releases of the Week: December 13 to 19, 2021

This week in indie games, we have the puzzle platformer Aspire: Ina’s Tale, roguelite firefighting platformer Firegirl, and more.

We’ve got platformers galore this week in indie games, so whether you like your jumping peppered with puzzles or action, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got platformers about putting out fires, finding your singing voice, escaping a mysterious imprisonment, and battling powerful foes.

That’s not all, though! We’ve got Shovel Knight in a game that is somehow not a platformer, and we’ve also got Trash Sailors if you’d rather swear like a sailor at your trash friends.

Be sure to also check out more original indie releases listed below, including Strings Theory, Amelie, and Brutal Orchestra.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeons screenshot

December 13 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is a puzzle/action mashup in which you explore the mysterious Pocket Dungeon as classic indie character Shovel Knight. Guided by the mysterious Puzzle Knight, you’ll deal with falling block puzzles while shoveling through enemies and even fighting bosses.


Firegirl indie game screenshot

December 14 on PC

Firegirl is a roguelite firefighting platformer in which you play a young rescue officer armed with an axe and a firehose (which doubles as a jetpack). Firegirl will fight blazes to rescue trapped civilians, and along the way, she will also uncover the mystery of what’s behind all these fires across the city.

One Hand Clapping

One Hand Clapping indie game screenshot

December 14 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, iOS, Android, Stadia

One Hand Clapping is a vocal 2D platformer in which you sing or hum into your real-life microphone to solve in-game puzzles. This relaxing puzzle platformer will have you building confidence in your singing voice and meeting lovable new characters, all in a calming environment where mistakes are okay and there’s nothing to lose.

Aeterna Noctis

Aeterna Noctis indie game screenshot

December 15 on PC, PS4, PS5

Aeterna Noctis is an action platformer with hand-drawn visuals and challenging combat. You play as the King of Darkness cursed with immortality and locked in an eternal war with the Queen of Light. The game features responsive controls, progressively increasing difficulty, and an expansive and non-linear metroidvania-style level system.

Trash Sailors

Trash Sailors indie game screenshot

December 16 on PC

Trash Sailors is a co-op sailing simulator in which you and your trashy sailing crew manages a raft that’s floating in a world hit by a trash tsunami. You’ll have to work with your buddies to battle crocodiles, sharks, and pirates, all in the quest to find trash and recycle it into fuel, spare parts, and weapons.

Aspire: Ina’s Tale

Aspire: Ina's Tale indie game screenshot

December 17 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch

Aspire: Ina’s Tale is a puzzle platformer in which you control protagonist Ina as she escapes the tower she was slumbering and imprisoned in. As she makes her escape, Ina will traverse picturesque levels, meet the other Tower dwellers, and use her powers to control spirits, solve puzzles, and overcome platforming challenges.

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Original Indie Releases

December 14

  • Strings Theory (PC, Mac)
    • Puzzle game

December 15

  • Ardein.Fall (PC)
    • Action tower defense game
  • Helium Electric (PC)
    • Strategy game
  • Diefrosty (PC)
    • Puzzle game

December 16

  • Murder Diaries 3 – Santa’s Trail of Blood (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch)
    • Adventure game
  • Love Pop! (Switch)
    • Arcade puzzle-platformer game
  • The Whisperer (PC)
    • Adventure game
  • Amelie (PC, Mac)
    • Yuri visual novel
  • Bumballon (PC)
    • Platformer
  • Rogue Invader (PC, Mac)
    • 2D shooter platformer

December 17

  • Sky Fleet (PC, Mac, Linux)
    • Action strategy game
  • Him & Her 3 (Switch)
    • Puzzle platformer
  • Super Head Ball (PC)
    • Multiplayer platform shooter
  • Tree (PC)
    • Adventure game
  • Brutal Orchestra (PC, Linux)
    • Turn-based roguelike strategy game
  • Celerity (PC)
    • First-person parkour platformer game
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Ports and Other Indie Releases

December 13

  • Guardian of Lore (PS4, PS5)
    • 2D action-platformer

December 14

  • Beyond a Steel Sky (PS4, PS5)
    • Adventure game
  • Among Us (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Social deception multiplayer game
  • Greak: Memories of Azur (PS4, PS5)
    • Side-scrolling action-adventure game
  • Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Point-and-click adventure game

December 15

  • The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch)
    • Visual novel
  • 2 Synchro Hedgehogs (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Puzzle platformer

December 16

  • The Enigma Machine (Switch)
    • Adventure game
  • Omno (Switch)
    • Exploration adventure game
  • Black Bird (PS4, PS5)
    • Shoot ’em up

December 17

  • Forgotten Hill Disillusion (Switch)
    • Adventure game
  • Circus Pocus (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • 2D action-adventure game
  • The Enigma Machine (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Adventure game
  • Razerwire: Nanowars (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Arcade shooter
  • Trophy (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Retro-style action platformer

Believe it or not, there were indie games last week too! Check out our roundup from last time, including Wytchwood, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, and White Shadows.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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