Indie Game Releases of the Week: June 7 to 13, 2021

This week in indie games, we have the post-noir point-and-click Backbone, vibrant adventure Chicory: A Colorful Tale, and more.

We’re coming up hot on E3 weekend! Expect a ton of indie game announcements, trailers, and demos across platforms – but if you’d rather play something right now, we have a bunch of indie games coming out this very week!

Long-awaited releases this week include Edge of Eternity from Midgar Studio, Backbone from EggNut and Raw Fury, and Chicory: A Colorful Tale, from the makers of Wandersong and Celeste.

Also check out the other indie releases below!

Edge of Eternity

Edge of Eternity game screenshot

June 8 on PC

Edge of Eternity is a turn-based combat RPG set in the fantasy world of Heryon, where a young soldier faces his destiny amidst conflict and war. The game features a vast world to explore, strategic battles, an advanced crafting system, and a story packed with twists and heart-wrenching moments.

The game also boasts a soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda, who previously composed Chrono Trigger and Xenoblade Chronicles.


Backbone indie game screenshot

June 8 on PC

Backbone is a post-noir adventure game that takes from both point-and-click adventure games and classic RPGs. You play as raccoon detective Howard Lotor, who is scraping by in dystopian Vancouver until he picks up a case that pits him against the hierarchies of power in the city.

The game features puzzle-solving and also RPG-style conversation options that will have you forming deep connections with the characters.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory a Colorful Tale indie game screenshot

June 10 on PC, Mac, PS4, PS5

Chicory: A Colorful Tale is an adventure game from the creators of Wandersong and Celeste, in which a superstar artist named Chicory has gone missing, taking with her all the color in the land. You play as Chicory’s #1 fan, who must now wield the Brush and bring color back to the world.

The game features puzzle-solving and exploration, both of which are aided by your painting abilities. You can paint on anything, and you can even paint in local co-op.

Wave Break

Wave Break screenshot

June 11 on PC, Switch

Wave Break is a ‘skateboating game’, which is inspired by skateboarding games, but has you using a boat to grind instead. It’s set in 1980s Miami and features a singleplayer campaign, as well as a multiplayer mode and a park creator option.

There’s plenty of customization options to delve into and really trick out your skate-boat, and there’s also guns involved.


Lumberhill indie game screenshot

June 13 on PC

Lumberhill is a multiplayer party game where lumberjacks struggle against nature to get the job done, and face dangerous hazards such as dinosaurs. The game’s time-bound levels and random events promise a properly chaotic time with friends, in both local and online gameplay.

The game also features player vs. player mode, apart from solo and co-op play.

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Original Indie Releases

June 7

  • Best Day Ever (PC)
    • Narrative adventure game
  • Blue Rabbit (PC)
    • Metroidvania-style action-adventure game
  • Spellthief Erinn (PC)
    • Puzzle platformer

June 8

  • Big Bang West (PC)
    • City builder
  • Fuzz Force: Spook Squad (PC)
    • Dice-based deckbuilding strategy game

June 9

  • Paradox Error (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Platformer
  • Quickly, Quackley! (PC)
    • Precision platformer
  • The Corruption Within (PC)
    • First-person point-and-click adventure game

June 10

  • Alchemist Adventure (Switch)
    • Action-adventure / RPG hybrid
  • Life of Fly 2 (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch)
    • Adventure game
  • Animus: Revenant (Switch)
    • Action RPG
  • Piczle Cells (Switch)
    • Puzzle game
  • Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami (PC)
    • Side-scrolling action-adventure game
  • Warlike (PC, Mac, Linux)
    • Roguelike tactical RPG
  • StarScraper (PC)
    • Management game
  • Spare Parts: Episode 2 (PC, Mac)
    • Visual novel

June 11

  • Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe (PC, Switch)
    • Sports game
  • Trap Adventure (PC)
    • Roguelite game
  • Soaring Machinariae (PC, Mac)
    • Action RPG
  • Struggle For Talyria (PC)
    • Japanese-style RPG
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Ports and Other Indie Releases

June 8

  • Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town (Switch)
    • Point-and-click adventure game

June 9

  • Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch)
    • Adventure game
  • Green Hell (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Open world survival game
  • Later Daters (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Dating sim

June 10

  • Sable’s Grimoire (Switch)
    • Visual novel
  • Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North (Switch)
    • Tactical RPG

June 11

  • Inexistence Rebirth (Switch)
    • Metroidvania-style action-platformer
  • The Solitaire Conspiracy (Switch)
    • Story-based card game
  • Multilevel Parking Driver (Switch)
    • Driving simulation game
  • Sun Wukong vs Robot (Switch)
    • Metroidvania-style action-platformer
  • Farm Frenzy: Refreshed (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Time management farming game
  • Let’s Cook Together (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
    • Co-op management game

Don’t forget to check out last week’s releases too, including Stonefly, Griftlands, and The Magnificent Trufflepigs.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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