Into Indie Games officially relaunches website dedicated to indie gaming

A year after a major hack infiltrated Into Indie Games, the home of indie gaming is back with a new design vastly improved from the previous iteration and with a host of new features.  

With sections dedicated to News, Previews, Features and Crowdfunding. A great deal of focus has now been placed on a new editorial direction with Harry Cole stepping up as Editor. The site will look to deliver articles on indie gaming and the games industry with exclusivity, topicality and relevancy. 

An important new feature gives developers and individuals the ability to submit their own content, really giving all indies a chance to get on the site. There are guidelines on what can be submitted and all posts are edited by Into Indie Games. But there’s a new focus on getting the audience signed up to submit content, like articles and comment.

Another new direction means the site currently carries no display advertising. The team took the decision as they felt advertising provided through third parties was intrusive, irrelevant and invasive. 

To monetise the site Into Indie Games has opted to request donations from supporters in the community through Patreon, will create crowdfunding partnerships with games, will offer product partnerships through its newsletter, merchandise and create unique partnerships.  

Into Indie Games was created by a group of indie gaming fans who felt this area of the games industry was not getting the attention it deserved. They felt most major sites were dedicated to the major releases and it didn’t leave much space for the Indies. The team now focus on building an indie games community and platform. 

The team deem an indie game as a project that is innovative, creative and original. They see the site’s audience as gamers and game developers, male and female, the more mature gamer with a love for titles that push the boundaries. But also anyone who loves gaming.

Site security is now paramount, with accounts and captcha in place for all levels of access. No user data was ever compromised in the attack, hackers simply squatted on the site and offered their own advertising. It was an important learning curve for the team.

Harry Cole, Editor, “Into Indie Games is a dedicated home for Indies. The site has been redesigned with that as its primary focus, a place for the indie games community where everyone is able to shout about their games and opinions. We’re delighted with the new features and the new editorial focus on a site that upholds the values of traditional print media but updates them for the 21s century.”

“We’d dedicated a lot of time to the site, when it was hacked we were devastated. Now we are back with a vastly improved site which offers so much more. We’re here for the indie community and want to champion indie projects through partnerships. Please do come to check out the site, be part of the project and get in touch if you are interested in working with us.”

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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