Lead an Adorable Rioting Crowd and Free Cities in Anarcute

Anarcute involves leading an ever-expanding group of kawaii animal rioters as they free a city from evil corporations.

Anarcute is a game set in real-world cities where adorable animal citizens are being oppressed by evil corporations that have taken over even the media and the police. In these dark times, it is up to your band of rioters to build their numbers and punch their way through obstacles as you totally fight the system, man. Even the Kaiser Chiefs failed to predict this one.

The developers of Anarcute, Anarteam, are based in France and won several awards of this game before starting up a company and joining the ID@XBOX program. As they put it, “who better than a bunch French people [sic] can make a game about riots?”

There are a total of five cities in the game to free, including Miami, Paris, Tokyo and Reykjavik (the capital of Iceland, for those of you less geographically-inclined). As you lead your rioters through the cities, you can pick up and throw a variety of items scattered across the environment, including fire hydrants, bikes, cars, trash cans… wait, you can throw cars? These adorable animals are strong.

Of course, The Man won’t be sitting by watching you ride through his city like a wrecking ball. The opponents will mobilise the Brainwash Patrol and use lasers, electric turrets, spider robots, helicopters and mortars to blast, burn and shoot their way to quelling your revolution. Of course, since the rioters are all animals, no human rights violations are committed here.

Anarcute is scheduled to come out some time in Spring 2016 on Steam and Xbox One. Check out the official site here. If you’re interested in a decidedly less kawaii rioting simulator, have a look at RIOT – Civil Unrest.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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