The Lion’s Song ends in July with fourth episode, to release on mobile

Episodic adventure game The Lion’s Song will see its final episode, Closure, release in July, alongside the game’s full debut on mobile platforms.

A year after it launched, The Lion’s Song will be seeing the release of its fourth and conclusive episode, titled ‘Closure’, in July this year. Unlike the previous three episodes, there is no new character in this one. Instead, the fourth episode will tie together the stories of Wilma, Franz and Emma, the three protagonists of previous episodes. The trio ends up in a fateful train ride, where their stories will intertwine and finally be resolved.

Here’s a teaser for the final chapter of the game:

Also releasing in July are the mobile versions of the game. The Lion’s Song will also be releasing on Android and iOS at long last, and these versions will feature the complete season. Developer Mi’pu’mi Games has released a trailer for the complete version of the game:

The Lion’s Song is a narrative adventure game with a distinctive sepia colour tone, set in early 20th century Austria, the developer’s homeland. The first three chapters, which are already out, revolve around a creative character each, and the game explores the nature of creativity and how these characters experience it. Wilma, a musician, struggles with writer’s block; Franz, a painter with the ability to see through the layers of his subjects struggles with self-doubt; and Emma, a mathematician, struggles to make herself heard in a male-dominated world. The decisions you make in each of the characters’ stories will come to have an impact on the final episode of the game.

You can check out the first episode of The Lion’s Song for free on Steam here. If you’d rather have the complete experience, you can buy the full season, which is cheaper than buying all the episodes individually. Here’s the official website.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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