The Lion’s Song: Episode 3 released, focuses on a female mathematician

Mi’pu’mi Games has launched the third episode of their four-part adventure game, The Lion’s Song. This time around, you play a mathematician named Emma.

The first episode of The Lion’s Song came out all the way back in July, and was released for free. Since then, the game has seen another episode that slipped under our radar, and now the game has a third episode out. This one’s titled ‘Derivation’, which is a clever title for an episode focusing on a mathematician. The Viennese heroine of this episode is named Emma Recniczek, and she’s trying to solve a pretty important problem. She is denied admission into an elite club of gentlemen mathematician on account of not being a gentleman. Her solution: pretend to be a man.

The release of Episode 3 leaves only one episode to be released for this sepia-toned pixel-art-loving adventure. The final episode is titled ‘Closure’, and does not have a release date yet. In it, the stories of the first three episodes intertwine. The choices you make in each episode affect the other stories, so the final episode will appropriately prove to be a conclusion of your decisions.

Mi’pu’mi Games have put together a very movie-style trailer for the third episode. Looks like Oscar bait. The good kind.

The Lion’s Song is set in early-20th century Austria and the first episode revolved around Wilma, a musician suffering from writer’s block, who has an unexpected encounter in an Alpine cabin. The second episode featured Franz, a painter with the unique ability to view his subjects in ‘layers’. Think of him as an early 20th century Photoshop.

The Lion’s Song is available on Steam (Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3). It’s got an official website, too. Be warned, there’s a lot of Austrian names such as Vanillekipferl and Votivkirche, but you’ll be able to pronounce them thanks to this handy pronunciation guide the developers made.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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