Survival game The Long Dark gets a story trailer for its first season

As it prepares to release after nearly 3 years in Early Access, The Long Dark has received a new trailer for its first story season, ‘Wintermute’.

Back when The Long Dark entered Early Access on Steam, Barack Obama was still President of the USA, Germany had destroyed Brazil in the FIFA World Cup and Game of Thrones was only 4 seasons old. Now, the game is finally getting ready to shed its cocoon and emerge as a frostbitten, bear-mauled, hunting rifle-toting butterfly.

To celebrate its imminent release on the 1st of August, developer Hinterland Studio has put together a trailer for the game’s story mode, which will be debuting with the formal release. The story is episodic and divided into seasons, the first of which is titled ‘Wintermute’. By the looks of it, we’ll get two episodes right off the bat: “Do Not Go Gentle” and “Luminance Fugue”. Three more episodes will complete the season, and those will be released later this year and into 2018.

Have a gander at the trailer below:

The Long Dark is a first-person survival game set in the wake of a geomagnetic disaster. You’ll have to struggle to stay alive in the frozen wilderness while dealing with threats like bears, wolves and dramatic dialogue. You will have to craft, repair, fight, harvest and heal, all while  taking care of hunger, thirst, fatigue and body temperature. And there’s permadeath, so one careless mistake could prove to be quite costly indeed.

The Long Dark releases on 1st August for Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), PS4 and Xbox One. It’s still available in its Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview versions until then, if you really can’t wait for it.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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